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    Property and Evidence Storage Solutions Material Handling Storage

    Jan 22, 2019High Density Storage, Law Enforcement, Material Handling

    Existing conditions and challenges pre property and evidence storage solutions:

    The Crime Laboratory’s Property and Evidence room was utilizing stationary shelving to house the items related to a large number of criminal cases. As the custodian of these items it is vital that the evidence be maintained in a secure area and ample space is provided to process and store the materials in a controlled environment. The photo to the right was taken before the installment. 

    There was also a need to add an additional lab testing/processing operation and the idea location just happened to be where half of the property evidence room was located.

    The Property and Evidence Storage Solution:

    BSC performed a study of the existing conditions and gathered information that allowed for a practical solution that would be available after the new lab area was defined as well as an evaluation of the materials to be maintained by the operation.

    A High Density Mobile shelving was selected to maximize the floor space of the now much smaller room while providing the capacity to maintain all of their vital property evidence items. Though the room was half the space of the original stationary arrangement it was even possible to provide a sufficient expansion capacity to handle future growth. The lab was able to use their existing shelving components and the mobile system provided by BSC was manufactured to the shelving’s dimensional specifications. This ability allowed the lab to benefit from their initial investment in the shelving and realize a cost savings as the conversion to the mobile storage concept was acted upon.

    The Mobile Storage concept consists of shelving attached to moving carriages that travel along a rail system to eliminate static aisle spaces as found in stationary shelf storage. These dedicated aisles are non-productive and in some cases consume more floor space that the actual shelf units. Each movable range is equipped with a mechanically assisted drive system that provides quick and effortless access to the evidence material. It’s as simple as turning the drive handle to position the access aisle anywhere within the system it is required. Due to the compound gear ratio of the mechanical drive, multi ranges can be moved simultaneously from a single drive handle with minimal effort which further increases the system’s efficiency.

    The property and evidence room operation now functions in less than half the space, ha expansion for additional evidence and is more efficient than ever before since the distance to retrieve or place an item has been reduced by half. Also, the new lab testing/processing operation is now utilizing what was once a nonproductive area of the building.

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