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    BSC partners with Fire Trace to bring you powerful, flexible fire suppression systems. We have specially trained technicians that install the fire protection systems on your automated storage systems. These fire suppression systems automatically protect and prevent fires in many different kinds of facilities, machinery, storage compartments, and vehicles. We provide a low-maintenance, cost effective solution to the problem of contained environment fire hazards. These systems can be installed by our expert staff in virtually any enclosed space where high-value assets are located or where an increased risk of fire could be eradicated by having an automatic fire suppression system.

    The Fire Trace systems are designed with polymer tubing that ruptures when exposed to the heat or flame of a potential growing fire. It is leak resistant, flexible, durable, and is highly sensitive to temperature, allowing it to automatically react to heat from a potential fire.

    One of our most popular applications for our fire suppression systems is for Hanel storage systems. We can install fire prevention in Hanel Lean Lifts and Rotomats. With this low cost, maximum effectiveness system, your organization can dramatically reduce collateral material and equipment damage. The small amount of suppression agent applied immediately to the “hot spot” extinguishes the fire with the least damage to the unit. Organizations utilizing these systems can sometimes even reduce their insurance costs.

    BSC partners with Fire Trace to design our custom solutions. We are proud to service a variety of industries. Talk with our staff today about your fire suppression needs! (205) 988-3300