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    How do law enforcement agencies keep their weapons secure, while at the same time keeping them quickly accessible? Unfortunately, thieves are still a problem for many police stations even with secure facilities. The weapons stored in police stations are vulnerable to theft, and are likely to be sold on the black market if stolen. Standard lockers with combination locks are not enough to deter theft, as they are relatively easy to break into. It is especially important to have space efficient weapons storage in not only police stations, but places like ports where space is often temporary and extremely limited.

    Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. offers specialized weapons storage lockers designed with officers in mind. These lockers not offer ultimate protection, but they were created for fast accessibility. Our storage systems make it easy for law enforcement personnel to quickly grab necessary tactical gear, and spot missing or damaged items. BSC specializes in making efficient storage solutions that are customized to our clients needs, so space requirements are not a worry. Our storage lockers are excellent for ammunition, rifles, pistols, armor, tactical gear, and other accessories. Our open racks and locking cabinets provide a variety of custom options to fit any need.

    Our lockers are stack-able with high-quality material in the interior to protect items from damage in storage. We offer many colors and finishes to fit your facility design. Ensure your weapons are safe and accessible with BSC’s storage locker solutions.

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