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    Public Safety Storage items include weaspons storage. You need weapons storage that works and solutions you can trust.

    Finding the right weapons storage cabinet for your needs changes the game. It keeps the security of your weapons, gear, ammunition, accessories and effects top priority.

    Our solutions efficiently and adaptably allow you to access, store, and service your weapons

    Public Safety Storage item
    Gun Storage

    Wire Cages for Gear, Evidence, and Other High Value Assets

    Wire mesh cage partitions are constructed of steel mesh to allow for unobstructed views. As well as a circulation of light, air, and fire suppression systems while still maintaining structural integrity.

    DEA drug cages are compliant to secure controlled pharmaceuticals and substances III, IV & V.

    Gear Storage

    Military Storage Cabinets offer a quality construction, three-point door locking mechanism, raised base, and built-in shelf support tabs. Perforated doors and body provide visibility and ventilation.

    Secure, durable, and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

    Ballistic Rated Buildings

    To counter threats against your facility, we recommend investing in a ballistic structure. This is to protect your infrastructure and, above all else, your employees. Our Ballistic-Rated Guard Houses are prefabricated and constructed from carbon steel or stainless steel. These guard houses meet all UL bulletproof levels (up to Level 10, a .50 Caliber round), NIJ levels (up to IV .30-06) and STANAG protection

    Evidence Storage

    Another puclic safety storage item that is important is evidence storage Each new arrest or conviction entails a new line of evidence and inmate records that need to in storage. On top of the overflowing pile of paperwork that law enforcement offices already have. Even a small oversight in preserving the chain of custody can harm cases and the overall reputation of your department.

    If you’ve outgrown your evidence storage system or you’ve resorted to costly off-site evidence storage, a high-density storage system can double your evidence storage capacity in the space you already have while also providing security for sensitive items.

    Allow our innovation and integration experts to work for you to help find creative solutions for your specific inventory challenges!