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    Public Safety Storage Solutions With Inspection Bays & Workstations

    Dec 14, 2018Blog, Public Safety

    From the moment you dial 9-1-1 to the time of a fire departments arrival at your destination has averaged to be about 6 minutes and 39 seconds. This is averaging the call with dispatch, the amount of time fire fighters take to get ready, and of course the drive to your destination. This is an incredible time frame. So how do those in the public safety field prepare this fast? Organization is key. Being prepared for any disaster, in the quickest time possible, can determine ones chance at life if they are endangered by a fire or other disaster. BSC talks about public safety storage solutions with inspection bays and workstations that have proved to be a positive change in this particular industry. Let’s dive right in.

    Workstations that improve workflow with public safety storage solutions

    We work with partners such as Metalia to provide top notch storage solutions. The workstation and work benches have shown great success in industries like public safety and automotive. Why you ask? These workstations can be customized for your individual work place and can even come in a color that goes with your designs already. They are stable and secure storage solutions that provide the best organization for your employees. You no longer have to worry about lost or stolen parts as these workstations have separate drawers, shelves, and bins that hold even the smallest parts. What are other benefits?

    • Store more inventory in less space.
    • Eliminate deformation of the drawer
    • Less srain on the unit, improved lifetime

    The sliding system within the workstation is created with a safety lock to prevent drawers from accidentally falling out. This also ensures maximum reliability, precision and smoothness for the lifetime of the unit. Though most automotive industries may be in hot or cold garages and most public safety work places are inside, the drawers are maintenance free and keeps its properties in extreme temperatures meaning the chance of you losing inventory over climate changes is less likely.

    Inspection Bays as proper public safety storage solutions 

    Metalia shares an incredible case with Canada’s #1 Rosenbauer. “In every municipality, the fire truck is the showpiece of the fleet of vehicles, a trophy presented with pride to the citizen as a proof of efficiency and performance in case ef emergency. Since 1963 Areo-Fire share this burning passion for firefighting vehicles. As proof, the Canadian Rosenbauer dealer, just installed a state of the art inspection bay to offer a service that matches the vocation of its trucks.” The inspection bay provided to things: a warm welcoming for their customers and guests in a professional and clean location that met the brand reputation and also made the customers feel like they were taking their trucks directly at a manufacturer. The impact it made on this station was immediate. Now everyone can feel more relaxed within the work place and now their parts and accessories will have a longer lasting life with proper storage. Inspecting fire trucks is one of the most important things as fire fighters need to have everything ready and prepared when they get called in. 

    Whether you’re a manufacturer for fire trucks, police cars, etc. or have a fire station or police station in need of proper storage solutions, BSC can help you gain the most efficient storage solutions with products such as the workstation or inspection bay to guarentee that your employees have the highest productivity rates and your inventory is stored properly. 

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