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    At BSC, we offer many storage solutions, including if your company needs refrigerated storage or frozen storage. We partner with the best manufacturers to meet any & all of our customers needs. Thus, we have the ColdCell by Hanel.

    The ColdCell by Hanel is a refrigerated vertical storage system. The ColdCell brings refrigeration to the Rotomat, or the Lean-Lift.

    Features of the Refrigerated Storage Unit

    The ColdCell has many impressive features, Including:

    • Touchscreen – Displays the status of the ColdCell & has a simple graphics interface, making the ColdCell user friendly
    • Dual Compressors – These dual compressors are at the top of the ColdCell & their job is to lower the strain during operation as well as, offer reliability
    • Insulated Access Doors – The insulated access doors will ensure there is little to no temperature loss
    • Also, the ColdCell will maintain temps as low as -15º C
    The ColdCell Touch Screen

    As stated above the ColdCell has a touchscreen control. As you can see in the photo the touch screen offer very simple graphics, which make it incredibly user friendly.

    ColdCell Dual Compressors

    Above, is the Dual Compressors that sit at the top of the unit to ensure lower operation strain & increase reliability of the product.

    ColdCell with Insulated Doors

    Lastly, the insulated doors which allow the coldcell to operate at its full potential. Through these, the unit can maintain temperatures as low as -15º C.

    Why Should You Choose BSC?

    We stock all the parts, accessories, and storage solutions you might need to equip your ColdCell, and that means you’ll be up and running as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we’re familiar with the various safety and compliance requirements you must meet in different industries and will be with you for every step along the way as you design and build the perfect solution for your needs.

    BSC has years of experience creating and designing customized material handling and storage solutions for all sorts of organizations. Whether you’re looking for work surfaces, furniture, or secure and temperature-controlled storage systems, we’re here to help. Contact BSC today to find out how we can help you. For a quote or free assessment.