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    Safety & Security of our Wire Mesh Partitions.

    wire mesh partitionsThe Safety & Security of our Wire Mesh Partitions are the best for your  needs. These partitions keep items and entire areas of your choosing safe, preventing multiple things such as theft or injury. Our Partitions are up to the regulatory standards, while also being customizable to fit your specific needs.

    Our Partitions are built to last, while also being reliable and customizable/adaptable. These partitions are easy to build/move and can be used in variety of ways.


    Pallet Racks

    pallet rackPallet Racks are the perfect solution for you. Pallet racking safety systems help prevent injuries, as well as protect employees. These racks are sturdy and able to hold large amount of inventory.

    Also, save space by pallet racking! Instead of filling your warehouse floor with items, stack them with our pallet racking solution. And this does work even for storing a large volume of inventory thanks to our high density pallet racking shown in the photo to the left.


    Wire Mesh Storage Lockers

    Design these Storage Lockers to your liking, storage lockerswith various heights and styles, as well as adjustable shelves within the lockers. These lockers are great for keeping your personal items, as well as your heavy duty items, safe. Our storage lockers are made adjustable so you can change the lockers as time goes on if need be. These lockers also allow for ventilation through the locker, which helps keep the locker in great condition no matter the environment. Overall the lockers are cost-effect due to their durability and flexibility.

    Industries that could benefit from the use of Partitions, Pallet Racks, & Storage Lockers include:

    • Manufacturing
    • Government
    • Warehousing
    • Universities
    • Distribution Facilities
    • Contractors
    • Military
    • etc.

    If you’re looking for security storage for your products or looking to expand on the storage you have already contact a local BSC representative for details on how to save overhead costs and get the most out of what you have already. Let us handle the difficult parts and help you create the most efficient storage solutions for your industry’s needs. Call us at 205-988-3300 or email us at