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    BSC offers space saving storage solutions for Law Enforcement. At BSC, we offer a variety of storage solutions for every industry. This includes Law Enforcement which we offer many items that help with space saving, including lockers (personnel, equipment, weapons, and other gear), evidence storage systems, and wire partition areas.


    Law enforcement has a need for a variety of lockers. Personnel lockers, equipment lockers, weapons lockers, and gear lockers are all offered through BSC.

    Our weapons lockers are TA-50 lockers that have high-quality steel. These lockers are incredibly secure, while also offering quick access to weapons to those who need them. Our lockers for weapons can also come with a full steel door, as well as other customizable solutions, to ensure the safety and security of your weapons.

    Our lockers offer space savings through allocating all weapons, gear, personnel items to their own specific storage lockers. Ultimately decluttering the space previously used to store these items.  

    Evidence Storage

    Our evidence storage solutions also include lockers as well as high-density storage systems. Evidence Lockers are secure and offer a buffer between an unsecured area and the evidence room. These lockers can also come with a refrigeration component to ensure evidence is in an optimal environment and storage space.

    To ensure evidence is safe and secure, the lockers have a special latching system that monitors the access to the evidence. Our customizable evidence systems allow for space saving through allowing more evidence to be stored. Also with our storage system, evidence will be better organized and easier to locate when needed.

    Wire Partition Areas

    In law enforcement, wire partition areas are in use for a variety of reasons. One of the most common uses for wire partition areas in law enforcement is using them as temporary holding cells. Wire partitions that are specifically used as holding cells can come with tamper-proof hardware, as well as wire ceilings. These wire partitions can act as temporary storage areas which offer space savings, as you can quickly build them, as well as take them down.

    Overall there are many space saving storage options that the law enforcement industry can implement including:

    • Gear Lockers
    • Weapons Lockers
    • Personnel Lockers
    • Wire Partitions – Temporary Holding cells
    • Customizable Evidence Storage Systems

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