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    BSC offers many different types of shelving.  Our job as consultants is to recommend the best solutions that fits your need properly.  Included are some benefits worth knowing about four different types of storage solutions:

    Stationary Storage Shelving:

    • used for high volume storage
    • available in various heights, widths, and depths
    • many types of construction- 4 post, stackable, cantilever
    • Applications: library storage, archive storage, supply storage, parts storage, medical records storage, insurance records storage, museum storage, weapons storage, etc.


    Rotary File Storage/ X2 Units:

    • increases storage capacity and productivity using vertical space
    • shared access to materials with double sides
    • lockable for secure storage
    • accessories accommodate various media storage
    • Applications: file storage, book storage, binder storage, cards and film storage, mixed media storage (CDs. DVDs, Tapes). wardrobe storage, sample storage, etc.
    • Markets: Legal, Library. Medical, Insurance, Government, Financial, Educational, Business


    Movable Shelving/ High Density Storage:

    • Variety of types: manual mobile shelving, mechanical assisted mobile shelving, electrical mobile shelving
    • Flexible in sizes
    • Reconfigurable and Expandable
    • Applications: file storage, medical records, court records storage, personnel file storage, sheet music storage, periodical storage, manual storage, medical supply storage, dental supply storage, pharmaceutical storage, bulk item storage, archive and box storage, weapons and evidence storage, athletic apparel and equipment storage, cold storage, artifacts storage, collections storage, specimens storage, sample storage, blueprint storage, map storage, drawings storage


    Vertical Carousel Storage

    • most efficient storage
    • substantial space savings making use of vertical space
    • productivity enhanced
    • optimal working height
    • ideal for highly active items
    • lockable for security and control
    • handicapped accessible
    • Applications: air-controlled environment, electronics storage, mail sorting storage, pathology storage, lab samples storage, microfilm/microfiche storage, forms and publications storage, biotech/research storage, voter registration cards storage, optical lens storage, central supply storage