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    Storage Solutions For Your Warehouse Problems

    Nov 8, 2018Blog, Warehouse

    You may find that warehouse storage in some industries is the most important part of a business. It may be the source for holding all your products or it could be where you bring your clients to show products and structures of what you sell. A warehouse in this case should be treated as important as it should be. Without a smooth running, organized and structured warehouse you could find warehouse problems such as the following:

    • Incorrect or worse, incomplete orders could be sent to your clients.
    • Orders could be delivered later than expected to your clients.
    • You could find that your products are scattered everywhere and become hard to find or difficult to retrieve.
    • Inventory and supplies can be short of organization causing back orders and less employee productivity.
    • If your warehouse is a mess, where would you keep your inventory? You could run into a problem with having storage for your initial inventory that should have proper storage solutions.

    Warehouse Storage Solutions

    Organization and efficiency should start in your warehouse as this is was holds all the important products that you sell to your clients. This is where it starts. Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. has provided proper warehouse storage solutions to customers for over 40 years.

    We believe in helping those who would like to have extra space to store more products, organization that allows for employees to spend less time struggling to retrieve an item or find a lost item that could’ve been easily found with proper storage.

    With that, we believe in storing products in Hanel’s rotomat and lean lift. These products allow you to store product and inventory vertically and use that extra overhead space to save you storage space in your warehouse as a whole.

    What Are Some Issues With Your Warehouse Storage?

    If you haven’t yet identified any of the following issues in your warehouse, you need to get them sorted out immediately.

    As a result to unorganized warehouse storage, clients could leave you to go do business with another company who has better warehouse storage, leading to on-time deliveries and correct inventory shipped. If your clients leave, you could risk your business failing.

    Common Warehouse Problems and Solutions BSC Can Help You With

    To keep this from happening we will discuss some of the most common warehouse problems and how to solve them.

    1. Wrong Shipment Orders
      • Double and triple check your orders to be sure you have the right shipment. Save the hassle of returning shipments to the warehouse to fix them and resending them by checking multiple times beforehand that they are correct. This could save you lots of money and time.
    2. Worker Errors
      • Often times careless work errors occur in the warehouse and this can become a huge problem for tracking inventory and getting out shipments on time. Warehouse monitors need to be sure to monitor the warehouse team and keep reports on them to ensure they’re being as efficient as possible.
    3. “Out of Stock” Inventory
      • This is an indication that your inventory system says you have product on the shelves, but in actuality you don’t. Instead of doing a big inventory count once or twice a year, check regularly sold items and inventory multiple times per year, and record that. This will help you keep track of your inventory in real time and help with future orders.
    4. Incomplete Orders
      • Orders may not be completed because that particular item may be out of stock, your inventory may be disorganized, or that product may be broken or misplaced. This turns into a late order as finding the correct product may take extra time leading to unhappy clients. To avoid this, make sure you put all inventory exactly where they belong using proper warehouse storage solutions. Another great tip is to keep a list of items that need to be replenished so you remember what goes out of stock before you agree to sell that product. You don’t want to sell what you don’t have on hand.
    5. Lost Inventory
      • If your product isn’t placed in the right compartments, your warehouse employees will have to search for it. This creates wasteful time for your employees and can cause a delay in their overall productivity. Make sure that your process for filing and putting inventory away is automated.
      • Before your product goes in its proper storage bins the product’s barcode and slot barcode should be scanned. This can help verify that every piece of inventory is placed correctly and within a good time frame.
    6. Damaged Inventory
      • Moving valuable, expensive, or fragile inventory to try to cram them into tight spaces can be a threat for the wellbeing of your inventory. If boxes and pallets are constantly being shuffled around, stacked and crammed into different places, you are risking breaking your inventory. Damaged inventory is a direct reflection on how you operate as a company, and is a huge inconvenience to your customers.
      • Their should always be plenty of space to store your valuable inventory. The Lean Lift and Rotomat could be of great use as these storage solutions store products vertically rather than taking up all your valuable space in your warehouse.
    7. Bad Placement for Products in the Warehouse
      • If you have a best selling product or one that more popular than others, you shouldn’t have that product stuffed behind other products or shoved in the back of a bin or shelf. You want ease and convenience when accessing those products so placing them where they can easily be accessed is the best solution. Don’t waste time moving products from one end of the warehouse to the other and have your most used products or most sold products placed where you can quickly retrieve them.

    If you find yourself encountering one or all of these problems contact a local BSC sales representative for more information on our storage solutions and learn how you can save time and money on your valuable products for your warehouse storage solutions. Don’t let that messy disorganized warehouse keep you from prospering in sales. You can call us at 205.988.3300 or email us at for details!