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    Throughout this blog, we will talk about “How to store all of our STUFF?”. To some the answer may seem easy or logical. The storage experts at BSC can help guide you through this process as painless and smooth as possible. Storage is part of every facility design.

    The first thing to discuss is “What is STUFF?” Many think we just help customers and companies store their file folders, but there is much, much more that we can help with. STUFF is anything from art, artifacts, bags, bikes, binders, books, boxes, CDs/DVDs, computers, contact lens, drugs, forms, furniture, fixtures, garments, glasses, golf bags, hardware, lighting, literature, mail, paintings, small parts, specimens, sports equipment, supplies, tapes, tools, uniforms, videos, weapons and on and on…..Get the point?

    So “Who has the STUFF?”….and that list goes on and on to include markets like: businesses, education, financial, government, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, legal/justice, libraries, Museums, sports facilities….etc. And “Where is this STUFF currently stored?” Well, that is easy, wherever they find a place like storage pods, cabinets, containers, cubby’s, floors, under desks, warehouses…..

    Therefore, the problem that we are seeing is 1. Not enough storage space, 2. Wrong type of storage for the STUFF and 3. STUFF cannot be found.

    So your question is what do we do? Let BSC come in for a complementary “Needs Analysis” where we survey your area by looking at:
    -What is to be stored
    -Access and Retrieval
    -Traffic Problems/Workflow
    -Environmental (humidity/temp)
    -Safety requirements
    -Space Availability
    We take all of these items into play including ADA, LEED, HIPPA, Sabanes-Oxley, Seismic, Patriot Act, People, etc. Storing your STUFF correctly can save space and enhance your productivity by up to 50-70%.
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