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    The Problem 

    If your company deals with textiles day in and day out, do you notice clutter building up around your warehouse? Do you seem to be taking more time out of your work day to handle the material and find the exact textile you need for a certain project? BSC has a storage solution that will increase productivity and give you that extra floor space for better organization and maneuvering around your facility. 

    Our Solution 

    Introducing Vidir’s Textile Carousel, this carousel is an automated vertical carousel that stores and retrieves rolled goods efficiently and ergonomically. The motorized textile carousel is designed to effectively accommodate a wide variety of fabric rolls including:

    • Woven 
    • Non-woven 
    • Knitted
    • Synthetic
    • Netting
    • Technical fabrics 

    The automated storage system utilizes the vertical space in retail stores, manufacturing operations, or warehouses and brings the desired roll to the operators level, eliminating the need to manually handle textile rolls.  


    There are many advantages that come with this vertical carousel. Some include:

    • More space in your facility 
    • Less employee injuries 
    • Better health of employees as lifting decreases
    • Increased efficiency 
    • Increased productivity 

    The motorized textile carousel increases usable storage capacity by applying the product to operator principle in underutilized overhead space. Featuring built to specification flexibility, Vidir’s rolled goods carousels provides superior fit and space utilization. 

    Mechanical storage eliminates wasteful and potentially harmful steps for stocking and retrieving rolled materials. The Textile Carousel accomplishes this by automating retrieval and presenting rolls at an ergonomically optimum height which reduces unnecessary bending, walking, lifting, and pushing which will reduce work related injuries. 

    Vidir’s Textile Carousel may be commonly used as either a storage unit or integrated into production lines. Either application benefits from the increased efficiencies that a vertical carousel provides, whether the result is increased output from almost negligible roll changeovers or the potential realized by automating storage and real time inventory tracking. 

    We Value Our Customers 

    BSC provides the highest quality products and believe the value of our products mean everything. We help our customers from consultation all the way through yearly maintenance and check-ups. We want to help you help your company. We provide service to multiple industries across the Southeast including: Manufacturing, Aerospace, Libraries, Laboratories, Military, Government, etc. 

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