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    The multi-year reconstruction project of the Knoxville Public Safety Complex transformed the vacated St. Mary’s Hospital in North Knoxville into a vibrant space with endless opportunities. This cluster of buildings now houses the City’s Police and Fire Departments, the E911 backup system, Pension System offices, and City Court operations.

    Collaboration and Planning

    BSC collaborated with the Architect McCarty Holsaple McCarty in planning the project and worked alongside Messer Construction in the installation of the products, ensuring a seamless transformation.

    Evidence Storage Solutions

    The Department required an advanced storage system for evidence, including:

    • Bulk Evidence
    • Weapons
    • Drugs

    BSC provided solutions using Datum High Density Storage for these areas. The system was designed to accommodate all existing evidence and allow for future expansion.

    Comprehensive Locker Solutions

    BSC also supplied various lockers for the Department, including:

    • Personnel Lockers for Officers
    • Pistol Lockers
    • Cell Phone Lockers
    • Pass-Thru Evidence Lockers

    The personnel lockers, totaling 432, were designed to store clothing, shoes, and a secure compartment. Pistol lockers and cell phone lockers are strategically located throughout the building. The pass-thru evidence lockers, including refrigerated lockers, offer a secure method for handling evidence.

    BSC Representative: Bob Sanford

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