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    Many people are always looking to upgrade the amount of space they have. It is a huge market with today’s growing population-there are more people, and less space. The housing market, hotels, office supply stores, and many more have capitalized on this idea to cater to the public. However, the healthcare industry is a large part of the storage market. In many hospitals and medical practices, the need for extra space is high. Increasing storage can also increase productivity, efficiency, accuracy, and reduce physical stress on workers.

    One of the best ways to increase storage space without increasing the size of the building is to utilize vertical storage space. Vertical storage provides a place to store surgical instruments, lab samples, patient records, and case carts. With an automated vertical storage carousel like the Hanel Rotomat, healthcare workers can find the exact item they need in a fraction of the time it would take them to look through shelves of inventory.

    The ease of finding and preparing supplies cuts down on labor costs, adding to the hospital’s productivity. The worker just inputs their selection, and the Hanel Rotomat rotates the item to the worker through the most efficient route. In addition, it has an inventory tracking system to monitor the inflow and outflow of items. This cuts down on theft and inaccuracies in the inventory system. The Rotomat was developed to expose workers to the least amount of physical stress possible due to its ergonomic design. The rotation system eliminates the need for bending, reaching, and the use of ladders.

    The Hanel Rotomat can increase satisfaction and safety of anyone connected to the healthcare industry, including patients and employees. Its compact footprint makes it a valuable asset to medical care facilities.