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    When you hear the word “used” what are you thinking of? Old, neglected, worn-down, out-of-date, dirty? Have you ever rented a movie from Redbox? All those DVD’s are “used”. So how do they keep up with such great performance and daily wear and tear? Constant updates, maintenance, and cleaning. Sure this may be different than used storage systems but how do we keep up with the used machines exceptional performance and high value? We routinely check their parts, fix specific things within the machine, and constantly clean and fix any issues that come into action within the automated storage unit.

    All this is to say, considering used automated storage and retrieval equipment could be beneficial to you and your business but their are considerations to keep in mind.

    When considering the purchase of used automated storage and retrieval equipment, it is important to consider all of the factors that may affect cost and operation. A used machine may not be compatible with existing infrastructure such as electrical supply and data networks, and could potentially require costly updates in order to meet current codes and safety standards.

    Some considerations to think about when purchasing a used storage system include:

    • Condition: The current condition of the equipment, regardless of its age, should be highly considered because newer products don’t always mean they will work better. The workload of the machine plays a huge role in its maintenance requirements.
    • Configuration: The physical configuration of most automated storage and retrieval equipment is designed to be compatible with the needs of the original installation. The carriers of most automatic storage and retrieval units are designed to accommodate the size, weight, and layout of the parts the original user was storing.
    • Safety: This should be the most important factor when considering the purchase of used C/VLM equipment. Never accept any equipment that has missing or inoperative safety protections. Ensure that all safety systems that the machine was originally equipped with are in place and operational.
    • Maintenance and Support: Annual maintenance and check-ups are a must when using used storage systems. It’s important to determine what level of service you will have available for a used machine. The age of used equipment often affects the availability of spare and replacement parts.
    • Productivity and Compatibility: Operating costs including electrical consumption, routine maintenance and labor costs can increase the life cycle cost of a used machine. Older machines may not be compatible with the latest computer technology as well.

    When considering a used carousel or vertical lift module or any other storage system, the purchase price should be one of several important factors to consider. Installation, ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and performance are all key factors in determining the true cost of a machine. “Used” isn’t always a bad thing, just has multiple things to consider for a life-time of value and productivity.

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