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    Vertical Automated Storage can do alot for your company, in terms of benefits. But before we explore that, what exactly is a Vertical Automated Storage system?

    A Vertical Automated Storage System is the perfect storage system for businesses that need a lot of storage space. These storage systems also contain a VLM or vertical carousel, allowing for less floor space to be taken up, through compressing all storage into a vertical system. Therefore, these storage system can provide your company with more available floor space & better organization of your items.

    Two Types of Vertical Automated Storage Systems

    The Lean Lift & Rotomat are great for all types of industries, including: Automotive, Military, Aerospace & Aviation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and many more.


    “The Lean-Lift® is the perfect solution for the nightmare of inventory management. Our revolutionary system pairs security with speed to deliver products, specimens, and tools rapidly and safely. The system operates via a computer controlled positioning lift – the “extractor” –which delivers goods from the storage area to the appropriate retrieval station at the optimal height. The system works by maximizing and optimizing vertical height to store and retrieve products from the safety of trays housed in a secure, shielded storage area.” – Hänel


    “Automated vertical storage systems can help your warehouse stay lean, control inventory, and improve accuracy. The Rotomat® is the ideal solution for smaller spaces. The Rotomat® operates on the Ferris wheel principle, to deliver inventory to you, instead of you having to find and retrieve that inventory. Each Rotomat® solution has a microprocessor, allowing integration into existing computer systems for optimized workflows. Hänel constructs the Rotomat® carousels according to ISO 9001 quality accreditation, attesting to their safety.” – Hänel

    Automated Storage Units

    What can these storage systems do for you?

    • Increase Usable Floor Space
    • Save Money
    • Increase Speed
    • Reduce Long Term Costs
    • Increase Productivity
    • Improved Operations
    • Enhanced Security
    • Cultivate a Safer Environment
    • Enhance Customer Services
    • Realize Accuracy
    • Reduce Energy Consumption

    Which Storage System best fits your needs? If you are still unsure, book an assessment with our knowledgable staff to find out what system will provide your company the largest amount of benefits.

    Why Choose BSC?

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