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    Manufacturing & Assembly Storage with Vertical Storage Solutions

    Feb 28, 2019Blog, Manufacturing, Vertical Storage

    Manufacturing and Assembly Storage Solutions

    Lowering Costs and Increasing productivity with Vertical Storage Solutions

    Automated Storage systems from Hanel can help your facility be more productive, obtain your lean manufacturing goals and decrease labor and operational costs. This is applicable to whether you are pulling parts on an assembly line or helping manage tools at a machining center.

    The 5 biggest advantages of Vertical Storage for Manufacturing and Assembly Lines

    • More Floor Space: By using a vertical storage system, more floor space is freed up for other more profitable uses in anture
    • Better Ergonomics: By having the item brought to you rather than having the user stoop, walk, or climb
    • Increased Security: High value assets and items are stored under lock and key, and are password protected
    • Improved Accuracy: Management options will improve inventory accuracy to over 99%
    • Increase in Porductivity: More parts can be picked and/or placed in less time with less personnel

    Gaining more space and increasing productivity with vertical storage solutions

    Increased safety and security in manufacturing facilities

    • Items are picked and placed from Hanel storage units (Hanel Lean LIft and Hanel Rotomat) at the correct ergonomic height, reducing injuries such as strains.
    • Inventory is protected inside the unit from environmental contamination, using lock and key methods for access and control options. Theft is greatly reduced.

    Space utilization at the most optimum level

    Vertical storage takes advantage of the unused overhead air space, freeing up 60% or more of the current space that can now be used for other profitably purposes of business. Hanel units always bring the items to the user using high speed and accuracy at all times. The keypad controllers on the front of the machines offer inventory control management modules that are easy to use for manufacturing and assembly line plants. This produces greater accuracy and reduction in costs.

    Metal forming facility uses Hanel heavy duty Lean Lift in Operations

    One metal forming company in the US, that is a tier 1 supplier for parts, uses Hanel vertical storage systems. They use heavy duty pans that can store up to 2208 pounds each. Installation can be installed directly on the factory floor. The facility features hold all kinds of metal forming equipment like hydraulic presses as well. All the pieces they use are tested to ensure they remain in great tolerances and quality control measures. Previously the facility was storing their steel fixtures on rolling steel carts to transport them through the facility. The carts took up too much floor space and the owner wanted a solution on the factory floor. They had ample height in the warehouse for an automated storage system. Naturally, the decision was easy with the vertical system. Naturally, the decision was easy with the vertical storage – Hanel Lean Lift VLM. The storage system accomodated the heavy weight of the fixtures. The space they now freed up was used for machinery. The Lean Lift was placed in a central location so that all the machine operators throughout the factory had easy access that was convenient.

    Hanel has software and controls that set them apart from competition

    Hanel storage systems have the option to have microporcessor based controlling systems that provide complete inventory control for the end user. The screens are color touch screen to support options like photo identification of the parts needed. If more advanced technologies are needed, web based access that are remote are offered by HanelSoft Software packages.

    Actuator facility uses a Hanel Rotomat and Lean Lift

    The actuator company stores and stocks maintenance and repairs items. This facility has three VLM systems used for: spare parts to ship out, parts and items needed in assembly, and storage of tools and fixtures in manufacturing.

    Oilfield Service company uses Lean Lift to free up some space

    This company delivers solutions to help oil and gas operators make the most of their reserviors. There was not room to expand the facility so they needed to use the space overhead by adding a lean lift.

    Contact BSC for storage systems that increase security and productivity

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