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    BSC Storage Solutions: Vertical Storage Systems for Military Applications

    Mar 5, 2019Blog, Military, Vertical Storage

    Hanel Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems from BSC

    Vertical Storage Systems for Military applications

    Fixed shelving uses a lot of real estate and often wastes valuable space. Military departments could be using that space to store even more stuff in the same footprint. Walking up and down rows of shelving takes a lot of time, manpower and energy for that matter too. Storage articles can be brought directly to the worker with a click of a button improving your productivity.  Open shelves don’t offer the same security that you can get from an automated system, not delaying readiness.vertical storage systems for military applications

    This is the better way.

    Keeping mission critical military gear and supplies is very important on military bases, air national guard, army national guard and air force bases.  They are organized for quick retrieval time. They are protected from the elements.  They are easy to access by key personnel. They are inventoried and ready at the time you need them. BSc provides automated storage  systems from Hanel Storage Systems allowing military and government entities to do more with less. By storing your assets vertically, these Hanel units take up about 75% less floor space than static shelving, pallet racks, and storage cabinets.

    “Hanel units take up to 75$ less floor space than shelving or racks, freeing that room for other uses” –Hanel Storage Systems

    Want to create more speed and accuracy? Hanel’s advanced inventory management systems allow mission-specific jobs to be created and stored at a faster rate when getting ready for packing and deployment.  The items are stored in a secured and enclosed space behind locking doors with user-level access control only by those designated. Not only is the inventory protected from environmental factors like dust, but it is highly secured for items being stored like weapons, optics, electronics and commutations gear.  Hanel has two models of automated storage systems consisting of the Hanel Lean Lift and the Hanel Rotomat (Carousel).  Both of these types of units can be customizable and ordered to fit specific item needs. Contact BSC today to find out more about the Hanel product line.

    5 Biggest Advantages of Vertical Storage of Hanel units

    • More Open Floor Space: Vertical storage compared to other types, frees up valuable space that can be used for other areas of work consisting of machining centers or production cells.
    • Accuracy Improvement: BSC works with Hanel and has various inventory management options that can improve inventory accuracy to over 99%.  This will help reduce overstocking parts and part shortages.
    • Ergonomics at its best: All parts are being brought to the operator.  This eliminates stooping, bending, climbing or carrying items.
    • High Security: All items are under lock and key and have password access for security measures.
    • Increase in Productivity: More parts can be picked in less time than other storage methods. Fewer people are therefore needed. This increases productivity and real time savings are incurred.

    Contact a local BSC representative for more information on our vertical storage systems for military applications.