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    VLMs with Fire Suppression Systems for Aircraft Maintenance Alabama Tennessee Georgia Florida

    Mar 25, 2019Aerospace, Blog

    Vertical lift modules (VLMs) are used to store inventory and other items for easy retrieval and better organization within an industry. A VLM is a vertical system to stores items vertically taking overhead space rather than extra square footage. The system moves similar to that of a ferris wheel, as items are stored on a flat shelf-like plate and rotates to bring whatever item you need directly to you in the front opening of the system. You can manage this by using the keypad on the front panel and the parts stored can easily be tracked and accessed by a barcode system.

    As the VLM is always a great way to store products, one important factor to remember is that natural disasters do occur. If a fire were to start and you were worried about destroying valuable inventory don’t fret. BSC installs fire suppression systems that keep your inventory safe from these unanticipated fires and other disasters.

    Protect your investment: Download our guide “8 Things You Need to Know About Fire Suppression in Vertical Storage Carousels”

    Thinking about aircraft maintenance and an industry that deals with small parts on a daily basis, bins are offered to keep everything organized and easily retrievable. Our direct release systems utilize our Firetrace Detection Tube (FDT) for suppressant delivery. This Direct system is primarily designed for small enclosures like battery compartments or electronic racks, where exposure to the elements is minimized. Our indirect release systems use our Firetrace Detection Tube (FDT) as a fire detection and system activation device, not as the discharge tube. The Indirect systems are ideal for larger volumes or for hazards that are external to a vehicle, where quick detection and delivery of the fire-suppressing agent is required.

    Our VLM systems such as the Lean Lift is the perfect solution for storage scenarios in all branches of industry. 

    The Hanel multifunction containers offer you customized and variable storage configurations that can be easily adapted to your specific needs and different article heights. This ensures neatness, accuracy and maximum storage volume density. 

    Our Hanel specialists will be happy to design customized configurations for your specific storage requirements. 

    BSC has worked with industries such as Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, Law Enforcement, Government and more. Vertical lift modules (VLMs) have been efficient storage solutions for years and years. These systems can increase your floor space for other inventory needed, increase productivity as these systems shorten the amount of time it usually takes for employees to retrieve items, and provide overall organization every business should have. 

    We are located in Birmingham, Alabama while also offering our solutions and services to industries all across the southeast including: Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia and Florida. 

    Our technicians are Hanel certified and can help with any maintenance needed as well as taking care of any installations or relocations. Contact us at 205-988-3300 or email us at for more information.