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    Why Proper Art Storage Can Save You Money

    Oct 11, 2018Art Storage, Blog

    You’ve spent so much time and money on art work. Whether it’s framed art work, canvases, delegate abstract, etc. you want to be able to store it efficiently to save money and not lessen the quality of those pieces. Not only money and quality, but you could be saving more space in your facility by properly storing art pieces. How do you store your art work currently? Do you think you could better store your art work? BSC partners with Datum to provide art racks and high density shelving that can better manage your art work and store it according to its proper needs.

    If you’re a current museum curator, archivist, conservator, or technician one of your jobs may be to efficiently store delegate pieces of art and without the proper storage you could be losing quality and money in those art pieces. Datum provides art racks and mobile shelving to lengthen the quality of art work and keep you from losing money you spilled into those art pieces.

    Why Art Storage Racks?

    Art racks also known as ArtStor, secures and organizes fragile artwork whether small or large while providing ready access for rotating and monitoring your collection, all in a unique mobile storage system that lets you pack 2-3 more works into your existing space. “Heavy duty carriage frames and support bars allow hanging of any size artwork whether framed or unmounted. Our state-of-the-art track and rail system keeps artworks secure while carriages are in motion, while bumpers on the framework provide additional protection when carriages are stacked together.” – Datum

    Why High Density Storage?

    MobileTrak5 systems with 4Post shelving maximizes floor space by cleaning up the space you typically stored your art pieces whether that be a corner in room or hall. High density storage systems like the MobileTrak5 system can provide adequate space for the existing artifacts, as well as ample room for future growth. Your museums and collection departments could be organized and kept better track of with ease, and access the systems in a more efficient manner. You can finally have more space for other items and keep better track of the art work you have now.

    Museums, Collection Departments, Galleries and More

    At museums, collection departments, galleries and other exhibition facilities, the art works and artifacts displayed to visitors don’t tell the whole story. Behind the objects on walls and in cases there lies a great deal of work by curators and other staff. These individuals must manage many different administrative details in order to create dynamic, informative, educational spaces.

    One of the most important details is collections management and storage. Here, there are two vital questions that must be answered. First, how do you find enough space to handle all your diverse collections, especially when they continue to grow over time? Second, how do you ensure they are stored carefully and securely so that they remain in excellent condition?

    Art Storage for Any Situation

    BSC has worked with many museums, collection departments, etc. to help store art work efficiently and clear space in facilities for other products. We’ve even provided storage for those who personally create and store art out of their homes. We know that being in charge of the preservation of art work, archives, framed artwork, etc. can be strenuous. We understand that the environment, if not properly contained, can be harmful for art work. For example, some pieces may need to be in a climate-controlled area, and we take that into consideration when providing you the best possible storage for your art work.

    If you have art work that needs proper storage and can use the extra space for more products contact BSC and we can help you determine what storage is best for you. We offer design, installation and maintenance on all our storage products so you’re never alone in this process.

    Once you have the proper storage, you may want to consider scanning your art work to preserve its life and continue increasing its value by digitally having access to them from files and hard drives. Check out our blog on our solutions site for more insight on what we scan and how to preserve your art work.

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