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    Wire Cages are commonly in use in industries such as law enforcement, military, as well as many other government organizations. Here at BSC, we offer a range of wire cages to help protect inventory. Wire cages also protect other storage items, increase safety in the work place, and prevent losses. Our wire cage solutions are made to fit your specific needs, they can be reconfigured and/or relocated if your requirements happen to change.

    Wire Mesh Security Cages for Law Enforcement & the Military:

    • Woven Wire
      • Great for heavy duty applications, while also offering high security. Woven Wire exceeds DEA and other industries regulatory requirements.
    • Welded Wire
      • Welded wire is lighter than woven wire, while still being just as durable and secure. Typically welded wire is the cheaper option, and it is rust resistant which makes welded wire a great option for damp environments.

    Through BSC you can have the option of a woven wire security cage or a welded wire security cage. This allows organizations to pick the best option for themselves based on their specific needs.

    In short, wire cages are security cages that are in use to separate people from items that can be a security risk. These wire cages also offer protection in terms of a general safety risk.

    Industries that benefit from Wire Mesh Cages:

    Wire Cages offered through BSC have Strength and a Flexible Design.


    These security cages come with standard 10-gauge or 6-gauge wire. Through the 10-gauge or 6-gauge wire, strength of the cage is maximized as well as making the cage more stable.

    Flexible Design:

    The flexible design of these cages allows customers to choose between welded and woven wire, metal expansion systems, custom doors, and special locks. The cages can also easily be reconfigured and relocated.

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