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    Many industries work with wire, cable, rope, chain, and other material that requires storing on spools or reels. How do you store your spools of material? Do you use shelving that may or may not be stable? Are your spools and reels organized or tangled and messy? Does it take you extra time to search for the material you need? What if you could retrieve material in your spools and reels in a matter of seconds? What if they came directly to you rather than you going to the material?

    How the Wire Carousel Can Help You

    You could save an exceptional amount of time by using vertical storage systems that store your products vertically which in turn, saves you floor space and time. BSC is offering you a solution for your needs – Vidir’s Wire Carousel.

    The spool carousel is an extremely flexible wire storage solution featuring a fully adjustable interior to accommodate changing inventory.

    The motorized Wire Carousel increases an organizations effective storage capacity by integrating overhead space into the room’s usable storage space. This is accomplished by automating storage which turns hard to reach storage locations into easily accessible locations allowing inventory to move in and out without difficulty. Vidir’s carousel features carriers with interchangeable positions to allow for full space utilization in applications that feature high product turnover.   

    Vidir’s Wire Storage System features an assortment of cut/measurement/re-roll attachments that may be placed in front of the wire carousel or attached to the face of the carousel to facilitate processing directly from the spool carousel itself eliminating material handling requirements found in more conventional wire storage racks. 

    The vertical carousel allows spools to be retrieved by the push of a button. No more ladders, cherry pickers, and other hazardous retrieval methods are necessary. You could save employees from injuring themselves or others which in turn, saves the company money. 

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