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    8 Benefits & Features of Reusable Plastic ASRS and VLM Totes, Bins & Trays

    Sep 25, 2018Material Handling, Storage bins, Totes and Trays

    You may find yourself looking for more effective ways to keep your small material parts organized in less space. ASRS totes, bins and trays allow ease of use and efficient space saving in any industry handling small parts. Organization is key in any industry whether you’re working in the automotive industry handling small car parts, healthcare industry handling small equipment pieces, laboratory handling small lab equipment tools, or any other industry.

    Business Systems and Consultants Inc. partner with Flexcon and CRC Metals to provide heavy-duty stackable plastic storage bins that stack on shelves and hang on custom rack systems, louvered panels and rail hanging systems. These storage totes, bins and trays are ideal for work benches and assembly areas having reinforced walls for stable, non-shift stacking and have grips located all around the storage bins for easy handling.

    So what are the benefits and features you ask?

    The following features and benefits of reusable plastic containers are designed for optimal performance in automated material handling systems:

    Durable/Heavy-duty plastic construction stops interrupted performance in a wide range of automated systems. This construction is built to meet deflection criteria for your applications. Because they are made from plastic, they also resist damage from water, rust, corrosion and many other natural disasters.

    What’s better than having AS/RS totes that are reusable? It doesn’t get much better than that. The durable AS/RS and VLM totes, bins and trays can be used countless times, preventing waste and promoting responsible use of resources, including your operational dollars. Ditch the one-time use containers that are prone to more inventory damage and replace them with plastic containers specifically made for automated material handling systems.

    Protection, Protection, Protection! AS/RS totes, bins and trays are known for their strong construction to protect the parts and products you move through your automated systems. Protected automated storage and retrieval system and vertical lift module parts are crucial to save you and your company money. 

    Saving Space is easy with these AS/RS totes, bins and trays. They are stackable giving you more space vertically and horizontally. These storage systems are designed to economize on space giving you efficient amounts of room for more inventory or work space. Your material handling efficiency is increased as these storage systems maximize on cube, giving you the ability to move the most products possible per unit of space.

    Versatility is key. These units are made to work with most automated inserter/extractor and conveyor systems. This saves money on what would’ve been spent on new automated storage.

    Smooth sides and textured bottoms are designed in every one of these containers to prevent slippage and improve the performance the container has on conveyors. The smooth sides promote seamless movement of containers through automated storage and retrieval systems.

    Recessed label sections make it easier to prevent label damage or the potential removal of labels in the course of daily use. Having bins and not knowing what is what if labels were removed stops work flow and causes chaos. This can easily be preventedwith recessed label sections on ASRS totes, bins and trays.

    ESD designed totes are reusable plastic containers that are specifically designed to dissipate electrostatic charges, preventing damage to sensitive electronic devices.

    ASRS Bins, Totes and Trays Improves Material Handling Efficiency

    Business Systems and Consultants Inc. work directly with Flexcon to design custom sized ASRS bins, totes and trays for your specific automated material handling applications. These heavy-duty plastic ASRS totes work in most inserter/extractor and conveyor systems.

    Automation improves material handling efficiency. Don’t waste the good use of your ASRS and VLM systems without totes, bins and trays to help organize your products. Contact a local BSC representative for more information and let us help you every step of the way. Check out this article from Modern Materials Handling for an inside look at Containers for Automated Storage.