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    In-Plant and Modular Office Solutions

    If you run a large manufacturing or processing plant and you’re looking for a practical option for adding extra office space, you may want to consider a modular office. Modular offices are quick to install, cost-efficient, and offer a plethora of benefits to managers, administrators, and staff who want to maximize efficiency by staying onsite for all communication purposes.

    Why Invest in a Modular Office System?

    in plant officesSometimes you’ll need a quiet space that’s right on-site. Not only does this allow managers and personnel to have a conversation in light of often-noisy floor activity, but it can also offer peace of mind in high-stress situations, during report writing, or in the event of an emergency.

    Quick delivery and setup mean that you can get something delivered and installed onsite in a matter of days. Whether you’re on a construction site, or in a warehouse, event site, or another type of large space, modular offices offer plenty of flexibility to build offices exactly where and how you need them.

    Productivity is critical in all areas of a warehouse or construction space, and communication must be clear. There won’t be a need for people to walk to the other end of the building — or even the block — to have a quick meeting. Not having to do so will save precious time and money.

    Benefits of a Modular Office

    If you’re looking for more office space for meetings and more, a modular office system, or a modular outbuilding, is a perfect solution for hosting clients and visitors — here are a few of their many benefits.

    Temperature Control

    Think that modular in-plant offices are stuffy and noisy. Think again. Today we can include innovative heating and cooling systems that can help everyone in the vicinity to stay comfortable, happy, and working to their full potential.


    From site to warehouse, the portability of modular offices allows maximum flexibility for those who are shifting from place to place, and they adjust to meet different needs — for instance, by adding new walls or partitions.


    Our in-plant offices are custom-designed and can include one modular wall or more to create the type of space that works best for your needs. We also offer mezzanine-style setups so that you aren’t taking up precious warehouse floor space.

    Quick Ship & Install

    Materials used in modular buildings are purposefully light and durable, and they can be constructed in a matter of days. You’ll save time and money on labor and materials through a quick setup and portable design.

    Cost Efficiency

    Modular buildings are cheaper than traditional construction projects because they require fewer resources concerning materials and labor. They are reusable, and for tax purposes, they are essentially in the same class as furniture (rather than property), which means they can be depreciated as a capital cost over a shorter period.

    Multi-Story Structures

    modular officeYou may want to consider having your offices set up at a height so that you can keep the floor in plain view. Our clients use in-plant office space as clean rooms, observation areas, and equipment storage. They can be especially useful when you’re routing visitors such as administrators and partners.

    In-plant modular offices with multiple rooms are also extremely useful when it comes to giving your hardworking staff and managers a quiet break or meeting area. Offices may also be stacked to two or three stories.

    Our Consulting Process

    BSC experts will help you figure out the best-fit modular office setup from start to finish. We’ll ensure that your space has all the specialized features you need, such as raceways, railings, and built-in storage components.

    We have decades of experience in storage systems, and our mission is to help you build a better business. Our mission is to give you and your employees the strategies to become more productive and efficient so you can stay ahead of the competition.

    We do this by:

    • Assessing your business operations from the ground up
    • Evaluating space, location, and facility design
    • Offering clear training to all relevant personnel
    • Assistance with procedures, control, and business processes

    Whatever your unique requirements, we’ll find a custom solution that works for you. Because our designs are movable, we ensure maximum durability while offering the versatility that you and your personnel require to grow.

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