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    Asset Tracking Software and Solutions

    Intelligent tracking made easy through Barcode and RFID

    Business Systems & Consultants’ innovations in storage and material handling include intelligent barcode and RFID platforms. Technology has made controlling, auditing, and tracking inventory easier to manage. BSC effectively demonstrates how you can view real-time inventory levels, track asset usage, and locate barcode and RFID scanning and labeling systems.

    Identifying reorder levels and unauthorized access is now possible with intelligence provided by the inventory tracking and management experts at BSC. All solutions are extremely cost-effective, personal computer-based software products that can help you dramatically improve productivity and take the headache out of managing inventory, material, and media.

    Our BARCODE and RFID Systems allow you to index, track, and manage any product within your company. The inventory manager provides you with instant information on:

    • Date and Time of Removal
    • Date and Time of Return
    • Low Inventory
    • Missing Item Report
    • Asset Location

    Understanding Barcoding and RFID Technologies

    The barcode has been around since about 1950, and these machine-readable codes made up of parallel lines have been used for decades to track and manage inventory quickly and efficiently. But while barcodes have been used successfully in inventory management for years, they do have some disadvantages, and that’s where radio-frequency identification (RFID) comes in. RFID asset tags can be affixed to just about anything to track, manage, and secure inventory, parts, and more. Because they work on radio frequencies, the readers can locate tags at a much greater distance, whereas barcode scanners have to be within a visible range of the barcode to work. Although RFID systems are more expensive than barcoding, the tags are more secure and can hold a great deal more data. However, barcoding is still a practical and affordable option for tracking assets and can be used successfully in many environments.

    five considerations for purchasing used storage equipmentSpecialized Asset Tracking Software Facilitates Many Business Operations

    Regardless of the path you choose (barcode or RFID), these technologies are both useful when it comes to easing business operations, especially inventory tracking, auditing, management, and handling. For instance, when you institute barcode or RFID tracking, it can facilitate:

    • Labeling and cataloging parts, stock, inventory, and other items
    • Tracking the use of fixed assets
    • Tracking equipment, including time of removal and time of return
    • Identifying when inventory needs to be reordered
    • Getting reports about items that are missing
    • Viewing real-time inventory and stock levels
    • Managing the lifecycle of assets and inventory
    • Monitoring and analyzing asset data and use
    • Using mobile devices and mobile apps to track inventory and view data anytime, anywhere

    Increasing Efficiency and Productivity with the Right Management Software and Technology

    Inventory, parts, and asset tracking and management are crucial in many industries, and technologies that facilitate this can save time and money, increase efficiency and accuracy, and boost productivity. For instance, imagine you were a manufacturer operating on a manual inventory management system, where employees had to monitor and track stock levels physically. Things like human error, absenteeism, negligence, and improper training could all result in a situation where you run out of an integral component, and this could lead to costly and lengthy production delays. When you switch to an electronic system where inventory can be tracked and managed with ease, it eliminates certain possibilities for error, allows you to manage inventory and materials with easy-to-use software, and increases productivity and efficiency.

    Industries that Can Benefit from Tracking Software

    Just about any organization operating in any industry could improve productivity and efficiency with the use of barcoding and RFID tracking. The automotive industry is an excellent example because there are so many parts, assets, equipment, and people to track that it seems almost impossible to do it without help from these kinds of technologies. However, automotive isn’t the only industry that could benefit from asset tracking, others include:

    • Healthcare, where you can use these tracking systems to ensure compliance, increase security, reduce instances of lost files, and improve overall records storage
    • Government agencies, where they can be used for many of the same functions as in healthcare
    • Aerospace, aviation, and manufacturing, would have similar tracking needs to the automotive industry
    • Laboratories, where tracking can be used to manage and handle sensitive documents, parts, and equipment
    • Military, where tracking is necessary to verify the identity of personnel, to monitor weapons, and to safeguard files

    At BSC, we don’t just specialize in storage solutions, because we understand that proper inventory management and handling involves a lot more than just shelving. With the right technology and the right storage solutions in place, you’ll be on track to improve storage areas in your business, maximize available space in your office or warehouse, organize your inventory and materials in an efficient and user-friendly way, and vastly improve the efficiency and accuracy of your inventory management system. With barcoding and RFID asset tracking, you’ll be able to track and manage crucial components, inventory, documents, materials, and more, and this will result in better and more effective business operations, higher productivity, and increased success for your organization. To discuss your asset tracking options, or to get a quote, contact BSC today.