Guard Stations

Stand-Alone, High Quality, Custom Built Guard Stations

Securing facilities, grounds, and access points have become increasingly challenging given current global and domestic climate. Protecting citizens, employees, students, and government employees is becoming complex and security teams need to be properly equipped. The list of applications is quite long and including fueling stations, sports facilities, theme parks, border crossings, military installations, manufacturing environments, schools, government facilities, and many other commercial-industrial facilities. In every design,  we consider unique environmental and safety needs to protect all occupants and content. HVAC, intrusion such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and ballistics.  Ask us about our ADA compliant offerings with 1, 2, and 3-hour fire ratings.

With a variety of material and feature options, our configurations are highly customizable. Our brick, steel and/or aluminum construction includes options for proof glass, HVAC, guard arms, and special wiring. Every BSC solution lives up to our commitment to deliver durable, safe, comfortable and secure stand-alone guard stations. Ask us about GSA.

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