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    Division 10 Storage Systems

    Division 10 Storage Solutions

    We have developed a wide array of solutions that have enabled our clients to optimize their current layout to make better use of their space instead of expanding their facility or moving. If an expansion is required, we can also help you determine how much additional space is needed to avoid spending more than necessary.

    We have a great deal of experience working in cooperation with architects and interior designers during the initial planning, architecture and design, and bid processes. We can plan and build your specs to deliver the best final product to your client. Let our experienced team of experts work with you in the early phases of your project to choose, design, and lay out the most efficient storage, material handling, and warehousing fixtures.

    How We Can Help

    Saving Money and Resources by Optimizing Your Existing Space

    Every business wants to grow, but that doesn’t mean you always want to expand your office space to accommodate organizational success. Doing so is expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive. So what if you could increase the amount of space you had without having to move to a larger facility? With the right storage and filing solutions, you can do just that.

    For 40 years, BSC has been helping architectural firms and other businesses in North America to maximize their existing space, and this means you can remain in the same office and continue operating while still gaining the additional space you need to accommodate new employees, new projects, and new business ideas. There’s a wide array of Division 10 storage products that can help you optimize your layout and get more floor space from your current office, including:

    Customized Help and Solutions When It’s Time to Expand

    Even with the right storage solutions in place, your business may reach a point where your existing office simply isn’t large enough to accommodate your growth, and that’s when you may have to consider moving to a larger facility. Although it’s tempting to pick the largest space available to give yourself even more room, each square foot will add more to your rent, and that’s not feasible in an era when all businesses are seeking ways to lower costs. When the time comes to expand into a larger office, BSC can help you assess your needs, determine how much additional space you require, and create a customized storage solution that will help you maximize the functionality of your new office. That way, you can search out facilities that will allow you to expand while also keeping overhead costs as low as possible.

    Providing Valuable Solutions for Your Clients

    At BSC, we don’t just help architectural firms optimize office space; we can also help you find the best storage solutions for your clients. Your clients chose you because of the value you offer and your creative and functional designs, and we can make sure your clients get the best products when it comes to effective and efficient storage solutions. We work with customers across all industries and can assist with storage solutions for any client you have, including services for:

    Years of Experience Means We Have a Great Working Knowledge of the Industry and Your Needs

    We’ve been working with architects and interior designers for four decades, and understand the unique needs of the industry. This expertise includes being familiar with the planning stages of a project, the design stage, and the bidding process, and we can help you come up with customized solutions that will allow you to make the best use of any space, which can help you land the best jobs with the best clients. We can help you in all stages of a project, including designing the layout, choosing the best storage materials and solutions for any industry, and building the final product.

    Finding the right storage options for your office could mean the difference between being able to stay in your existing space or having to disrupt operations to move to a new facility. BSC can help you choose the right storage and layout to maximize your square footage, and can even provide design and build services when you do grow to a point where it’s necessary to expand. Beyond that, we can also help you provide the best solutions for your clients, regardless of the industry they’re in. For more details or to get a quote for your storage needs, contact us today.