Healthcare Storage Solutions

Providing efficient and effective healthcare is a matter of life and death all across the United States. In many towns across the US, hospital systems are major employers and are responsible for managing our population’s health. The Business Systems and Consultants (BSC) team has been delivering solutions for sensitive healthcare environments for decades. We support physicians, research, laboratories, business offices, facilities, and security with a wide range of offerings.  These offerings include wire shelving, mobile shelving, and lab furniture for testing and clinical research.

For larger healthcare challenges, BSC supplies advanced storage systems, a leader in vertical storage units. Vertical Carousels are used to store sterile operating room supplies and surgical instruments. A major Hospital has improved the quality of its patient care with Rotomats. 

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Medical Vertical Carousel Storage Systems

The new system feature includes inventory management that allows the staff to track items to ensure proper supply levels are maintained, and that items do not expire. The carousel also protects items from all kinds of contamination, because they are kept fully enclosed inside the units and maintain sterility until they are needed in the operating rooms.  As with all BSC solutions, Vertical Carousels store an incredible amount of items in an extremely small footprint.

Vertical Carousels allow for trays to be delivered at an ergonomically correct workable height.  Supplies are brought to the user, rather than staff needing to search for them. No one needs to walk through long rows of racks, stooping or climbing step ladders to reach items that can be heavy or awkward to lift. Those kinds of excess motion and movements waste time and energy.

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