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    Division 10 Storage Systems for General Contractors

    BSC partners closely with General Contractors

    Business Systems & Consultants has worked with many general contractors over the years. We like to work with general contractors on the initial design phase of any project to help with the storage studies and analysis.  We provide a complimentary service to come in and measure and analyze the space so that we know the appropriate solution that best suits the customer’s physical storage needs.

    We specialize in Division 10/Division 14 Storage Shelving Solutions and can help with the total bid package by:

    • Writing the CSI specifications
    • Providing layouts/drawings including elevation drawings
    • Weight Load Capacities
    • Installation and Service Support upon project completion

    We are happy to fill out a pre-qualification form to be on any future bid lists for upcoming projects. BSC is registered with the State Licensing Board of General Contractors for the solutions we offer.

    Whether you are designing a large building, responding to an RFP, or retrofitting existing space, Business Systems & Consultants are only a phone call away.  We operate as an extension to your team and are here to support you when you need to rethink warehouses, inventory management, security, and stored assets fire prevention and suppression.

    Our team of experienced solution designers can help you optimize your space by designing space-saving mail rooms, guard stations, wire cage solutions, and much more.

    Providing General Contractors with Comprehensive and Professional Analysis and Design Services

    As a general contractor, the success of your business depends in large part on your ability to win bids for various contracts, including new builds and renovations. A great deal of thought, time, effort, resources, and planning must go into these bids, and part of that is creating effective and efficient storage solutions that will meet the needs of your clients. At BSC, we’ve been helping our customers to fulfill storage requirements for 40 years, and have extensive experience collaborating with general contractors to come up with tailored and appropriate solutions for storage and material handling. As part of our comprehensive and professional services, we will assess and measure your client’s space, run calculations, and analyze the area to come up with a storage system that is customized to your client’s requirements and can even help with layout and design, capacity calculations, and more.

    The Experience to Help You with Any Project

    General contractors work on a variety of projects for clients in a wide array of industries, which means you have to be adaptable and flexible when it comes to designing projects that will work in different fields, spaces, and configurations. BSC has a great deal of experience working on all types of projects with all sorts of customers and organizations, and that means we have the expertise to help you provide your clients with the best solutions and the most value. We serve organizations in many industries and can help you with jobs such as:

    Top-of-the-Line Products and Solutions for All Your Clients’ Needs

    As a storage solutions provider, BSC carries a wide selection of division 10 storage systems, which includes things like lockers, room dividers, partitions, and beyond. We have top-quality products from all the leading names in the industry, and these include efficient storage systems such as:

    However, we don’t just specialize in storage solutions, we also offer an array of functional products that are designed to both save space and safeguard important documents or items. Some of our available solutions include RFID and barcode asset tracking to monitor and manage inventory and materials, automatic fire suppression systems to secure cabinets and machinery, modular and mobile furniture and workspaces, and much more.

    Backing Up Our Quality with First-Rate Support

    Another aspect of our commitment to being a full-service partner is our continued dedication to your satisfaction, and that’s why we also offer installation services, post-installation maintenance and support, and equipment upgrades when a manufacturer updates a product line.

    We’ve been working with general contractors for many years, and we pride ourselves on being a reliable and trustworthy team that can work with you through every stage of a contract, from putting together the initial bid to finalizing the storage design and layout to installing and maintaining material management and storage systems. We have a diverse range of products to suit the needs of your clients, including storage solutions, fire suppression systems, and asset-tracking technology. If you’re a general contractor who needs a reliable and professional company that can work alongside you during the bidding, design, or installation processes, contact BSC today to find out more about our products and services.