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Law Enforcement and First Responders: Protect and Serve

Business Systems & Consultants (BSC) has a team of law enforcement (LE) and first responder experts have been supporting our nation’s LE agencies and security teams for over 40 years.   Our weapons lockers, evidence storage solutions, and tactical police lockers can be equipped with the latest systems for asset tracking and fire suppression.    We specialize in RFID, Barcode, and information management systems.

Business Systems & Consultants offers carousel storage systems that help law enforcement departments across the country manage their assets and items more efficiently and reduce overall labor costs. Vertical lift systems bring property and evidence items to the user, eliminating the need to climb, stoop or carry. Mobile shelving systems are a mobilized maximum storage capacity solution for challenging spaces in public safety agencies and law enforcement departments. High-density mobile storage systems effectively “doubles” available storage.

Evidence Lockers

Business Systems & Consultants is a key supplier of heavy-duty evidence lockers with high security, pass thru and non-pass thru operation for use in police stations and courtrooms. Evidence locker storage solutions are perfect for temporary evidence storage and transfer from a non-secured area to an evidence storage room. Each evidence locker system can be configured differently with various size compartments and can also be available with a refrigerator insert.

An officer opens the evidence locker compartment and puts in the evidence with the proper documentation, closes the door and operates the latching system. The evidence technician then uses the key to open the locker and collect the necessary evidence. The latch on the evidence storage unit is then reset to be used again.

BSC evidence lockers are available in many standard sizes, or we can match the configurations of other evidence lockers to suit your needs.

Wire Partition and Secure Storage Cages

To properly secure and protect the sensitive or dangerous items, our security and storage cages can be designed without sweep space beneath the panels. Likewise, heavy-duty magnetic locks and electronic strikes are available for making doors secure from those without proper permission.

All wire partitions and storage cages come with a lasting polyester powder coat finish. Option for hot-dip galvanized material is also available upon request. Whenever there is a need for secured storage, there is a need for secure storage cages.

Weapon Storage Cabinets and Gun Safes 

Weapons storage cabinets have become the storage system of choice for military, police and sheriffs’ departments across the country. Our gun safes and TA-50 lockers for Birmingham and southeastern US customers are all professional grade, made of high-quality steel, and designed and manufactured for durability and efficiency.

Weapons storage cabinets store rifles, shotguns, handguns or personal defense weapons vertically or horizontally. Components are secured inside our all-steel bi-parting tabour doors and can be configured in any manner.

We recommend our weapons racks and TA-50 lockers because they answer the need for flexible small arms storage for your law enforcement facility in the United States. Store your weapons vertically or horizontally with attached accessories such as scopes and grenade launchers. The gun safe storage racks come with optional meshed security gates.

Tactical Police Lockers

Our tactical lockers are made of welded steel and are durable, rugged, and functional serving multiple purposes and environments. Our standard police lockers have two doors, but they are also available with a single door, according to the required width. This type of locker is custom made in order to better meet the very specific needs and requirements of the police force. The layout possibilities are unlimited and specially-adapted accessories are here to serve you.

All of our police lockers have a wide range of uniform and clothing storage applications for SWAT, police, sheriff, first responders, fire fighters, university police and more. Also, our police lockers are ventilated to help keep clothes and stored items fresh. They also lock to keep items safe and secure.

Security Storage Systems

From utility carts to stationary units to mobile units, BSC has multiple dimension and secure storage height systems. Hi-Rise security storage systems can also be specified.

Security carts (both wire and polymer) will keep evidence locked up while high-density security storage systems (available with tracks either at top of system or on the floor) maximize space by as much as 50%.

Wire Partition and Temporary Holding Cells

Temporary holding cells can be customized to meet a wide variety of your law enforcement requirements. BSC specializes in everything from custom lock boxes to tamper-proof hardware. We offer various temporary holding cell options to prevent any unauthorized access. Ceilings are available for situations where the enclosures do not fit flush with the existing overhead structure.

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