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See Our Material Storage Solutions In Action!

BSC Material Storage Solutions

Our material handling solutions saves you time and money.

BSC Laboratory Shelving & Cabinets 

We offer services that provide the highest level of functionality.

BSC Shelving & Lockers for Public Safety

BSC provides secure storage for evidence, uniforms, files, etc.

BSC Vertical Storage Solutions

BSC’s vertical storage systems will help you streamline workflow.

BSC/ Metalia’s Automotive Workbenches

Our storage solutions keep your parts organized and easy to retrieve.

BSC/ Panel Built Modular Office Solutions 

Safety Barriers around modular offices secure the area from obstruction.

BSC Lean-Lift Storage Solutions 

Vertical storage saves floor space without expansion cost.

BSC Rotomat Storage Carousel Solutions 

The Hanel industrial carousel creates 60% more storage capacity.

BSC Carousel System Advantages

Hanel’s New System allows you to quickly receive and locate material.

BSC/ BeastWire Mesh Rack Safety

 Mesh Racks keep storage organized and reduce the risk of injuries.

BSC/ Firetrace Solutions

Automated Fire Suppression solutions protect valuable inventory and assets.

BSC/ Metalia Workstation Solutions 

Workstations provide multiple storage solutions for many industries.

BSC Equipment Storage for Healthcare 

We offer solutions that improve the flow of materials.

 BSC Carousel Multi-Space Solutions

BSC and Hanel offer high-tech systems for storage organization.

BSC Movable Shelving Storage Solutions 

Our high-density movable storage helps optimize storage space.

BSC Vinyl Carousel Storage Solutions 

Our carousels offer more floor space and increase productivity.

BSC/ Panel Built Warehouse Office Space

In-plant offices provide organization and space savings in your warehouse.

BSC/ BeastWire Mesh Rack Safety 

Prevent Industrial Accidents while complying with Fire Code.