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Business Systems and Consultants designs unique, industry tailored solutions for Aviation and Aerospace. As with all manufacturing, production floor space is very expensive and becomes even more expensive when manufacturing or maintaining a product as large as an airplane or helicopter. Environments must safely store very delicate, expensive components and allow for maximum productivity and worker safety.  Watch Hanel Aviation Video.

The aerospace and aviation industry manages a huge volume of parts and inventory in manufacturing and maintenance. Managing these pieces and parts must be secure and efficient to provide rapid access and high-value protection.  With our intelligent control systems, frequently accessed materials are stored close to the access point while items in lower demand are stored farther away. This allows for productivity increases and with the use of a BSC RFID or Barcode Systems, inventory processes and reordering are a snap.

Additionally, the National Institute of Aviation Research is forecasting increased use of lightweight, high-tech composites in the future. Composite materials are in high demand for aircraft manufacturing. These materials have specific low-temperature storage requirements that must be controlled.

Click here to view the BSC/Hanel Aviation Lean Lift video.

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