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Evidence Storage for Public Safety

Business Systems & Consultants’ evidence storage and evidence management solutions are designed with public safety in mind. To BSC, it is never about storing “stuff”. We take public safety and the business of law enforcement seriously. Evidence Storage is a mission-critical need of all state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies. Through the chain of custody, items must be tracked, audited, and protected from contamination, tampering, and loss.

Evidence comes in many forms and a municipality may need to store millions of items from bio-evidence to auto parts to controlled substances and weapons. Evidence storage locker design often includes consideration that involves protection from heat, moisture, and cold while allowing for intelligent tracking with barcode systems and advanced RFID technology.

Business Systems & Consultants’ evidence storage systems come in many configurations including, but not limited to, mobile shelving, dry storage, warehouse racking, pass-through lockers, and wire mesh partitions.

Protecting citizens means equipping agencies with evidence storage management solutions that support law enforcement and ensure the integrity of evidence that is collected.  Business Systems & Consultants’ evidence storage solutions, support police, law enforcement public safety and good government.

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