Storage for Military

Military Storage Systems: Adapt and Overcome

Military operations are vital to the security of our country and our citizens.  At Business Systems & Consultants, we take our job, partnership, and mission in these industries with the utmost seriousness. Military base operations require effective management of tremendous amounts of weapons, asset, and equipment management.   Knowing where gear is and what condition it is in is essential to responding to an incident or an emergency.

Business Systems & Consultants military solutions not only provide for efficient space utilization and security but can also allow for the intelligent management of these assets with RFID and Barcode solutions. We can design solutions that track access, inventory levels, and interface with repair or reorder systems.

Fire suppression and prevention are also critical design elements and options enjoyed by all of Business Systems & Consultant’s customers.   As required, we adapt and overcome by allowing our ammo, OCIE (organizational clothing and individual equipment), lockers, weapons, information, and assets solutions to be highly customized and configurable.

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