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    Industrial Shelving Solutions

    Multi-level high-rise systems, bulk storage, and bolt-less shelving units

    industrial shelvingThe efficiencies and quality of a designed industrial storage system immediately impact the bottom line. Two and three-level industrial shelving systems are designed to maximize the use of floor space by taking advantage of unused overhead space available in existing facilities.

    Multi-tier systems are a cost-effective alternative to new construction. Business Systems and Consultants excel at designing and deploying storage systems for distribution centers and warehouses. Business Systems and Consultants industrial shelving systems are engineered and manufactured for efficiency and durability.

    Our industrial shelving systems can be combined with high-density drawers for maximum versatility and the shelving is used to create high-rise industrial shelving. Industrial shelving systems for backroom storage are simple and economical: No nuts, bolts, clips, or cross braces—just posts, beams, and decking that assemble in minutes using only a rubber mallet.

    A Full Selection of Industrial Shelving Options for Your Organization

    Industrial shelving is crucial for many organizations, including warehouses, manufacturers, automotive businesses, and any other type of company that deals with a large number of parts, supplies, and inventory. Fortunately, there are many types of industrial shelving solutions from multiple manufacturers that can be used in different configurations and for different applications. These different shelving options are made of various materials, can be installed in many ways, and are suitable for storing a variety of equipment, supplies, and other goods. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular solutions out there for industrial storage:

    • Bulk rack shelving, which is ideal for heavy and oversized items
    • Boltless rivet shelving, which is heavy-duty, sturdy, and easy to assemble
    • Automotive shelving that has adjustable shelves and movable dividers
    • Box Edge Plus shelving, which is a proprietary steel shelving system that’s efficient and durable, and available in a wide selection of configurations, including open and closed shelves, bins, cabinets, counter units, and more
    • Decorative and capstone shelving, which are clean and attractive and ideal for industrial settings where products are displayed to customers

    Simple, Effective, and Economical

    With this unique boltless and clipless system that uses beams, posts, and decking, you can easily build a strong and durable steel storage rack in a matter of minutes. Along with being economical to purchase, this system can also save money because of the minimal assembly, which reduces labor and installation costs. These shelving units have shelf widths of 48 inches and can accommodate spans of 48 to 96 inches. Moreover, this open-style system allows you to access shelves from four sides, making them convenient in any space. Rivet-Span shelving solutions are available in bulk rack styles, shelf units, and specialty systems that can be arranged and configured in multiple ways to suit a variety of applications.

    Pallet Rack Systems Are Ideal for Warehouses, Manufacturers, and Other Organizations that Order and Ship in Pallets

    pallet rackingPallets are a mainstay in industrial organizations because they make shipping products easier and more efficient. But removing items from a pallet to then move them to a storage location isn’t always the easiest or best way to deal with inventory and parts, and that’s where pallet rack systems can help. These high-density storage units are specialized to accommodate entire pallets, meaning you can simply move the pallet from the shipping floor to the storage rack and vice versa. As such, these systems are ideal in areas where space is limited and where operational costs are high (such as in refrigerated units), making them perfect for organizations and applications such as:

    • Big box retailers
    • Manufacturers
    • Industrial storage facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Food processing plants
    • Order fulfillment plants
    • Die storage

    Along with being rigid and durable, these storage systems can even increase usable storage space by as much as 75%, and this could mean the difference between you minimizing costs and staying in the same facility versus having to move to a newer and larger space.

    Multi-Level Systems for Major Storage Needs

    No two organizations have the same storage needs, and what works for one company won’t necessarily work for another, even when you’re dealing with high-density storage. When regular high-density storage isn’t enough, there are multi-tiered systems that can help you maximize the vertical height of your facility while minimizing the footprint of your storage space, and this means more room for resources, movement, and organization.

    For 40 years, Business Systems and Consultants Inc. has been helping organizations choose and build industrial storage and material handling solutions that are ideally suited to their specific needs, spaces, and configurations. We know all the best manufacturers and all the best products for different applications, and can help you choose a storage solution that will allow you to increase storage area while reducing the amount of floor space used for materials; this improved use of space means cost savings and other benefits. Beyond that, the right storage system can also help you improve your organization, and that means increased efficiency and productivity as well. To learn more info, or to schedule a free assessment, contact BSC about storage solutions today.