Complete storage system relocation services


When equipment needs to be relocated, BSC can provide all the services required to get the job done properly.  Our trained personnel will assure you of quick, economical and proper shelving installation included with all of our office equipment relocation services. Dismantling existing equipment and reinstalling it requires professionally trained personnel to avoid problems and excessive costs. Our team can handle everything from new site assessment and relocation planning to dismantling of your equipment and process lines.

Office equipment relocation requires skilled, trained personnel to assure the “move” maintains asset sequence integrity, prevents losses, and maintains security.  We pay particular attention to space allocation and shelving installation when placing equipment in the new facility.

When the time arrives that inventory and equipment need to be relocated, call on our team of seasoned office equipment relocation professionals. These BSC relocation services are provided directly by our professionally trained staff.  The success of a relocation and “move” is often dependent on the team that plans and executes the project.

Our equipment and room relocation services include:

  • Properly allocating the space within the new area based on your preference
  • Advice for shelf guides or indexes
  • Provide expansion allocation
  • Assure equipment go into the new area in the correct sequence
  • Plan for equipment security/protection during the move
  • Accomplish the task quickly to avoid interruption for your staff
  • Maintain accuracy in the location identifiers sequence
  • Experts who understand inventory systems
  • Shelving installation
  • Appropriate equipment for maintaining security and safety
  • Move equipment in the shortest possible time

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