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    Evidence Storage Lockers Are Key For Organization

    Sep 27, 2018Blog, Law Enforcement, Lockers

    Evidence is a critical piece in the law enforcement industry. Imagine those crime television shows we’ve all seen once or twice and how they handle evidence for potential cases. Evidence comes in all shapes and sizes so being prepared for whatever comes your way is very important. Evidence Storage Lockers provide maximum efficiency and organization for those handling evidence day in and day out.

    How Organized Can You Be?

    Organization becomes an important key when dealing with evidence and being able to properly store that evidence is crucial for law enforcement industries. Evidence Lockers are a great way to store properly store items big or small depending on the size of the locker and can only be accessed by specific people.

    What’s the Right Question?

    Often a question gets brought up about what kind of evidence you may be storing but to get specific you need to ask how are you storing evidence to maximize efficiency.

    Officers first “tag and bag” evidence and they deposit this into an evidence locker to later be processed by the evidence tech. There is generally a bank of lockers that secure evidence to protect the chain of custody. Evidence lockers can be accessed only from the front while evidence technicians can access evidence from the back (located inside an evidence processing room). This is called a pass-thru locker. When evidence is taken out by the technicians police officers can again place new evidence for processing inside the lockers.

    Evidence Lockers Provide Maximum Storage Needs

    Evidence lockers also provide organization when a situation such as a technician is off for the day. In an instance like this, the chain of custody must be protected. You need to have enough storage space to allow for a plethora of evidence to be brought in and stored for proper processing.

    Law Enforcement industries deal with crimes day in and day out which means they bring in a lot of evidence that may or may not be used for a case. You have to be fully prepared for that scenario and have the proper storage for all evidence whether it’s a sofa, piece of paper, or bodily fluids.

    Business Systems & Consultants Inc. partner with Lincora and Datum to provide secure, easy to use evidence storage lockers for any law enforcement department.

    Contact a local BSC rep to help determine how many lockers the department needs, the size, type and configuration. We’re here to help you every step of the way.