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    Do you need a way to protect precious artwork from the wear and tear of storing and displaying? Our ArtStor Systems are truly a work of art.

    The ArtStor High Density Mobile Shelving System

    Whether storing artwork for a rotating museum exhibit or housing a personal collection, the ArtStor High Density Mobile System is the ideal solution.

    Specifically designed to hang virtually any size piece of framed or unmounted art work, its unique mesh frames accommodate any specifically designed hooks, allowing easy organization and secure storage of even the most delicate masterpieces.

    Space Saving

    Reduce floor space usage by 50% or more with our new track design. Its carriages can sit side by side on one track. The two track design nests carriages together, saving even more space.

    Designed to Protect

    The bumpers on the carriages and the design of the framework ensure adequate spacing between carriages which prevents damaging the artwork when carriages are racked together. The heavy-duty support bars stabilize the system, eliminating any jostling of precious art while the carriages are in motion.

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