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    Hospital Storage Systems – Automated Vertical Storage Carousels 

    Secure Storage & Inventory Management for Healthcare

    Ideal for hospital sterile surgical instruments, central supplies, pathology samples, patient records and more.

    Hanel Storage Systems easily integrate into any hospital or healthcare environment, increasing storage capacity while decreasing the storage footprint. The Hanel Rotomat provides a safe and secure storage solution for medical facilities, and is already in use in many hospitals across the United States.

    The Hanel Rotomat has also revolutionized Sterile Processing Departments for the storage of surgical instruments in the SPD and OR.

    BSC provides hospitals and surgical centers with Rotomat automated vertical carousels for:

    • Patient records
    • Radiology
    • Pathology samples
    • Hospital pharmacies
    • Laundry facilities

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    The Hanel Rotomat allows for constant, accurate inventory control when integrated into existing hospital IT systems. This constant monitoring makes it virtually impossible for expiration dates to go unnoticed. It also make it impossile for supplies to run out without warning. Storage containers inside the Hanel Rotomat are made so items cannot be put on top of one another. Thus, preventing items from becoming lost. The Hanel Rotomat also effectively safeguard sensitive materials with locking mechanisms and access code entry.

    For hospital administration, The Hanel Rotomat office carousel is an efficient. It is also secure system for storing important patient files, consent forms and more. The Hanel Rotomat office carousel ergonomically friendly. It can also enhance with features such as fire protection, access points on multiple floors, and can be adapted for use by the disabled.

    John Muir Medical Center Uses Hanel Vertical Storage in the SPD

    At John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, CA, wire carts in the central Sterile Processing Department (SPD) could not supply enough storage capacity to meet increasing demands, but already consumed a large amount of space. Facing a $1.2 million facility expansion, the organization avoided the cost and lost time associated with new construction by turning to Hanel.

    The Sterile Processing Department was equip with 10 new Hanel Rotomat Vertical Carousels. By storing vertically, the Rotomat utilizes available room height from floor to ceiling. Items are brought to the user, eliminating the need to search the carts spread around the SPD. Case carts are now chosen quickly and accurately each time, with the push of a button. The high density storage of surgical instruments, implants, disposables and other inventory are now in storage in 12 Rotomats in a state-of-the-art SPD.

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