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    As technology continues to grow and consume multiple entities of our daily tasks you can now say goodbye to your traditional methods of asset tracking, control, and inventory. They have always been time consuming, expensive, and plagued with inaccuracy. It’s time toRFID Softwareconsider RFID asset tracking for your warehouse inventory. Business Systems and Consultants have the solution for you and can help you easily integrate this without disrupting your regular operations.

    Close your eyes and imagine this: Typically you could spend hours upon hours completing an inventory now it can be done in over less than half the time. What once took you 4 hours can now take about 25 minutes. BSC offers RFID asset tracking to speed this process up and get you working on other important stuff. You can speed up your daily production tasks as well.

    Though we know, all warehouses and distribution centers can be different in size. Typically we see these warehouses having significant amounts of square footage and house critical inventories of goods and assets. This means its even more critical and important that you keep track of finished goods and shipment routings to ensure efficient operations. To add, timely and accurate deliveries are important to keep promises to your customers and continue to deliver the best service to them. This ensures your profitability can continue increasing.

    RFID asset tracking and asset management helps organizations stay informed, in real time, of their inventory and assets. Imagine how much smoother the process would be if you knew exactly what you had in inventory, what quantities, locations, and when it’s time to ship or replenish products.  With RFID asset tracking and asset management you’ll know what you have and be able to assess everything in your warehouse or distribution center.


    RFID Asset Tracking Intelligence 

    Like mentioned above, technology has become more and more prominent in this day in age. RFID tracking technology provides a portable database that lives with the product throughout its entire lifecycle. This includes manufacturing dates, lot codes, components used in the BOM, expiration dates, potential recalls, warranty risks and for specific customer use (OEM). RFID asset tracking provides data that tells you where it has been, where it is, and where and when it needs to go. This keeps from any confusion occurring between inventory control and keeps from employees not being prepared. 

    Material Handling Optimization 

    Material handling times can be cut down significantly by quickly scanning a pallet of finished goods as it arrives to your facility, removing labor intensive process of opening, manually counting and or barcode scanning. Items such as portals and or antennas throughout the warehouse or distribution center keep track of exact locations. 

    Inventory visibility increases with RFID Asset Tracking 

    Inventory counting can take countless hours that would be more beneficial in another area. Misplaced assets can be difficult to deal with especially if you need an item in a certain timeframe for a customer. With RFID asset tracking inventory visibility increases exponentially. Not only will this help you move through inventory quicker, it will also keep you above competitors. 

    With the latest technology comes increased efficiency 

    Errors occur. No matter how careful you are errors will occur. Though it is more susceptible to occur as humans manually enter and count inventory, machines make mistakes too. By learning where the errors are occurring and making those corrections ahead of time, this will increase efficiency exponentially. 

    Employee productivity improves with RFID Asset Tracking 

    Employee productivity increases greatly when they are not busy looking for a pallet of goods, searching for specific tool(s) or equipment, or taking inventory using the traditional time-consuming methods. Increase productivity by removing the need to scan the bar code of every inventoried item that arrives. 

    Theft and loss is reduced with RFID asset tracking

    When you have inventory that is tracked and tagged it can significantly reduce costs associated with theft. Portals (mentioned above) now located at the exit and entry points of your warehouse and distribution centers account for all assets and inventory. Now you can know, in real time, when tools or expensive operating equipment leaves the premises. 


    Improving efficiency and profitability can be easy with advanced tracking systems. If your organization is still using traditional methods of tracking assets and inventory, contact BSC today at 205-988-3300 to jumpstart your efficient operations today! 

    Whether you need RFID tags, scanner barcodes, handheld scanning devices, software, or asset tracking solutions BSC has what you need. 

    Whether you’re in the healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, or other industry we accommodate to anyone’s needs. Let us help you!