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    Hanel Sustainable Storage System

    Looking to reduce energy consumption and save money while conserving the environment? Our Hanel products are designed with eco-friendly features that significantly lower energy usage in automated storage systems like the Rotomat and the Lean Lift, reducing carbon emissions.

    Why Energy Efficiency Matters

    Energy-efficient systems are essential for lowering energy consumption in your warehouse, office, or factory. The energy usage of these automated storage systems directly impacts your operating costs and helps protect the environment. At BSC, we are committed to delivering products that optimize energy consumption, benefiting our clients both economically and ecologically.

    Eco-Efficient Design of the Lean Lift

    The Lean Lift vertical storage system stores inventory in height-optimized positions, ensuring compact storage in limited space. This space optimization eliminates wasted space between shelves and items, resulting in significant energy savings. Additionally, the use of high-quality materials in manufacturing each unit enhances energy efficiency.

    Eco-Friendly Design of the Rotomat

    The Rotomat vertical storage carousel features a load imbalance indicator that ensures balanced weight distribution, minimizing the energy required for shelf rotation. The Rotomat automatically selects the shortest, most efficient route to deliver items to users. Its motors, controlled by a frequency converter, use 50% less energy than traditional motors. The frequency converter also recycles unused energy, converting it back into electrical energy for use in other Lean Lifts.

    Commitment to Optimal Energy Usage

    At BSC, our team is dedicated to providing products that deliver optimal energy usage. High-density storage solutions save space and reduce energy consumption. Contact a BSC team member today to learn more about our Hanel products and how they can benefit your business. Call us at (205) 988-3300 or email us at