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    For over 40 years, Business Systems & Consultants has been committed to providing storage systems that save space, reduce costs, and increase productivity. We are also equally committed to providing equipment that reduces energy consumption to help save energy, money, and conserve our environment. Our Hanel products are designed to be eco friendly. This helps reduce the already low energy usage of the Rotomat and the Lean Lift while also reducing carbon emissions.

    Energy-efficient systems are the key to lowering energy consumption in your warehouse, office, or factory. The energy usage of these automated storage system directly affects your bottom line and operating costs, not to mention the protection of our environment. For this reason, we have always been dedicated to delivering products to our clients that optimize energy consumption. This brings many benefits to our valued clients from both an economic and an ecological perspective.

    The Eco Efficient Design of the Lean Lift

    This vertical storage lift stores inventory in height optimized positions, which ensures the most compacted storage in limited amount of space. This space optimization results in energy savings by eliminating wasted space between shelves and items. Careful selection of the most high-quality supplies and parts in the manufacturing of each unit brings even more energy savings.

    The Rotomat’s Eco Friendly Design

    This vertical storage carousel is designed to make sure the weight distribution inside the Rotomat is balanced using the load imbalance indicator. As a result, there is very little energy required for rotation of the shelves. The Rotomat automatically picks the shortest, most efficient route to deliver the items to the user. The motors used in these unites are controlled by a frequency converter, using 50% less energy than motors that are powered from the main power supply. The frequency converter extracts unused energy and converts it back into electrical energy to be used on other Lean Lifts.

    The goal of providing products with optimal energy usage is a challenge our team at BSC embraces every day. High density storage saves space and reduces energy consumption. Contact a BSC team member today to learn more about our Hanel products. (205) 988-3300