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    Are you a General Contractor construction company with over numerous years in business, and have accumulated a considerable amount of paper blueprints or plans?

    It might be time to consider scanning those documents. BSC can estimate on scanning large documents to PDF (sizes may range). We have storage or secure destruction/shredding options available as well. Call to schedule an on-site visit for a document scanning quote.

    Can scanning help my construction business?

    Large format document scanning services can be utilized by general contractor construction companies, engineering firms, architect firms and facility managers. Construction documents are often hard to store and maintain due the size and time frame of keeping them.

    BSC can help you improve your workflow with your digital documents by allowing your company to print, share, and transport your drawings/blueprints/project files safe and quick. The storage of the construction documents online will allow you to eliminate the hard-copy files that may be on a project job site or in your business office. Our scanning team can help you convert virtually any size document.

    Here is a listing of some of the files you may be looking to save space with and convert:

    • Engineering drawings
    • Blueprints
    • Architectural drawings
    • Topographic drawings and maps
    • Building drawings and plans
    • Circuitry plans
    • Spec Manuals and spec books
    • Supporting documents
    • Building permits
    • Change orders

    Here is a listing of some of the files you may want to think about converting:

    • Business Records
    • Training Records
    • Equipment Safety Records
    • OSHA Records
    • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
    • Employee Records
    • Job site Records
    • Time Cards

    Top Reasons to outsource the scanning of your Large Format Drawings:

    • The Elimination of misfiled documents: Finding documents that are put in the wrong place can be very costly causing your staff to search for long periods of time.  This may even cause them to reprint the drawings which can lead to errors such as missed changes.
    • Bid Preparation can be faster: Large format digital documents allow general contractors to send our bids electronically rather than hard-copy paper files.
    • Faster Change orders and billings: Digital documents are easier to find in your document management system when it comes to numerous change orders and billings that need to go out in a timely manner.  For construction projects, it is pertinent that these files are tracked accurately from the beginning contracts to the final sign off and submission documents.
    • Higher Security: Document management systems allow you to decide who has access to view the documents securely.
    • Managing Safety Documents: Let’s face it. There are tons of documents throughout the path of a construction project. Safety and Regulatory documents/contracts are managed by the project manager for the project.  Employee documents have to be managed as well. your documents can be indexed so they are all searchable in the easiest way possible. Don’t let safety records and files stop the job because they are not accessible in a timely manner.
    • Contact BSC today for a no charge site survey of the documents you have on hand that may be causing some headaches around the office and job site. Our document management services offer OCR conversion, helping you edit, update and distribute these construction files in a timely manner.

    Get organized today with high quality and secure storage to keep your business the most efficient it can be!