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    What Are Clean Rooms?

    Clean rooms (or cleanrooms) typically describe a setup where low contamination is a required part of an operation, or that is built in conjunction with sterile settings. The room designs are ideal in various settings, including research spaces, healthcare facilities, and manufacturing plants.”

    Clean rooms can be useful in almost any industry. These key industries include, but are not limited to:

    • Hospitals (Labs & Clinics)
    • School Labs
    • Surgical Areas
    • Biotech Facilities
    • Military
    • Aerospace
    • Optics
    • Food Production Facilities
    • Pharmacies
    • Pharmaceutical Processing

    All About Our Clean Rooms

    At BSC we offer the best solutions for your specific needs. Our Clean Rooms are up to date with the latest HVAC systems, to meet the clean air compliance. We strive to ensure you have all of the elements of a controlled environment while also meeting requirements in regards to contamination.

    These Clean Rooms are also efficient to build and can be easily moved incase relocation is needed. More benefits are listed below:

    • Maintaining specific temperatures
    • Protecting from dust, chemical vapors, particulate, and other pollutants
    • Keeping the air sterile
    • Controlling pressure
    • Maintaining humidity within certain parameters
    • Protecting from certain light waves
    • Easily linked to other controlled environments

    In conclusion, these rooms offer space savings, climate control, simple operation, intelligent control systems, and lifetime service from a worldwide service network.

    Why Should You Choose BSC?

    We stock all the parts, accessories, and storage solutions you might need to equip your clean room, and that means you’ll be up and running as quickly as possible. We can also help you with designing and building your clean room storage solution, and our expertise and experience will ensure functionality of design and a high level of efficiency in the lab. Furthermore, we’re familiar with the various safety and compliance requirements you must meet in different industries and will be with you for every step along the way as you design and build the perfect clean room for your needs.

    BSC has years of experience creating and designing customized material handling and storage solutions for all sorts of organizations, and that includes plenty of experience with the building of clean rooms in many industries. Whether you’re looking for work surfaces, furniture, or secure and temperature-controlled storage systems, we’re here to help. Contact BSC today to find out how we can help you build the perfect clean room for your needs, or for a quote or free assessment.