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    Why You Need Hanel Storage Solutions 

    Auto Dealerships are known for storing parts big and small for automotive purposes. Vehicles are needing maintenance daily and when customers come in they don’t want to wait a long period of time for maintenance work being done on there cars. 

    Your work environment should be clean and easy to manage. Things shouldn’t be crowded or lying around in random bins on shelves that could be less sturdy or unreliable. Imagine having parts come to you in a matter of seconds? What if you no longer had to walk around wasting time looking for parts when they were organized and ready for use by a switch of a button? 

    Automotive dealership could see exceptional improvement and better productivity with industrial storage systems. Hanel offers storage solutions that could save you up to 75% of space and minimal access times. You don’t want to have a crowded service center when working on cars, especially in the middle of July in Alabama. You want your parts right where you need them and Hanel offers storage products that do just that. 

    You can free up your space saving you walking time and will in turn, give you a better organized dealership. 

    Advantages of Hanel 

    • Optimum parts management      
      • cost-cutting
      • efficient 
      • flexible 
    • A well-organized spare parts store gives your dealership a professional image
    • Job quality 
    • Accurate inventory control 
    • Adaptability 
    • Optimized article management 
    • Time saved 
    • Improved security 

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