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    It’s that time of year again! Spring is in the air and when we think of Spring we think of spring cleaning, and when we think of spring cleaning, we think of annual preventative maintenance check-ups on ALL Kardex units including the following legacy models: Lektriever, Titan, Kardveyor, Lektriever 2000 and Lektriever S-80. Do you have a Kardex unit that has not had a PM check-up since the last year? What is the purpose of a PM? This agreement is to assure the owner of the equipment that the equipment is in productive condition always, eliminating nonproductive downtime, reducing maintenance costs, extending equipment life, and attaining and protecting the investment that the equipment was purchased for initially. Equipment covered by a preventative maintenance or emergency service typically have a higher trade in and/or resale value than equipment that is not under proper maintenance. This routine check-up will help extend the life of the unit and help prevent future breakdowns as the units age. Think about it like an oil change you do on a vehicle. That is essentially what we are doing on the automated storage units with our 21-point inspections. 

    Kardex Unit

    So, what is covered in a routine check-up? It’s simply broken down in 4 steps:

    • We will clean the interior parts of your equipment. 
    • We will lubricate chains and mechanical working parts and make minor adjustments. 
    • We will thoroughly inspect electrical chassis and wiring and adjust safety system in your unit. 
    • We will discuss the overall working condition of your machine with you and will recommend operating suggestions as needed. 

    It has become extremely important to keep present office equipment in peak running condition, as replacement costs have increased. With mechanical and electrical components in any machinery, wear and tear will cause breakdowns and delays in operation.

    Like a car, you consistently have routine oil changes to extend the quality and value of your vehicle; similarly, to keep your units from breaking down you must have annual routine check-ups on ALL your Kardex units. Whether you have a Lektriever, Titan, Kardeveyor, LK-2000 or S-80, be sure to keep the value and life of the unit at its highest value possible. Those machines have an exceptional amount of value; don’t lose that value when you can easily schedule your yearly PM today. Contact us to schedule your annual check-up: (205)-988-3300 or