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    Onsite File Storage Systems have many benefits when you compare them to offsite storage. By having onsite file storage systems, you will effectively elminate the need for offsite storage, thus eliminating the cost of offsite storage.


    Invest in storage options for your office such as,

    • High Density Mobile Storage
    • Open File Shelving
    • Vertical Carousels For Files 
    • Rotary Filing Cabinets
    • Document Filing System

    By investing in your own file storage at your office, you will save much more money overall. This is because you’re no longer constantly having to pay for the monthly/yearly fees that come with offsite storage.

    Which Storage System is right for you?

    High Density Mobile Storage Systems:  A mobile maximum storage capacity solution. These systems are great for companies who have many documents and are currently growing & expanding as a business. This system also fits in tricky spaces, therefore no floor space will be wasted.

    Open File Shelving: These systems are space and time efficient. Open file shelving systems are perfect for companies and organizations that will consistently need access to the files that are stored in this system.

    Vertical Carousels: Space saving storage solution. Vertical carousels will allow for more floor space, control of inventory, increased productivity, improved ergonomics, and enhanced security. This is another storage solution that would be great for companies who need to store, but also have access to, alot of files.

    Rotary Filing Cabinets: Double sided, therefore it is easy to access files from both sides of the system. These filing cabinets are great for healthcate and education professions.

    Document Filing System: A system where the files are labeled and organized for better retrieval. This is also a great system for companies that will need access to these stored files frequently.

    BSC is a leader in high-density storage solutions, and we work with all the industry’s best manufacturers to bring you the most current and useful technologies and systems. Contact us today to discuss high-density shelving and storage options in more detail, or to request a quote if you’ve got a specific project in mind.