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    Law enforcement and public safety facilities use BSC’s mobile shelving solutions to solve their most demanding evidence and archival storage problems. We’ve got two separate cases we’d like to share with you. 

    Case #1

    During their move into a new building, a police department in Watertown, Massachusetts, found their current freestanding shelving to be less adequate in storage capacity for their needs. To increase their storage potential, they turned to Business Systems and Consultants for a solution. 

    The answer was three of our high-density mobile shelving systems that housed 4Post shelving. These mobile shelving systems were modified to fit in an existing non-BSC track system installed on the floor. 

    The new systems provided plenty of storage space for the police department’s evidence and archival records, as well as their current files that were accessed frequently. 

    With the new mobile shelving systems, our client now has ample capacity with room to grow and improved organization of their materials. 

    What makes BSC special is that we utilize design programs to create 3D color renderings for customers to see exactly what their unique storage system will look like in their facility, from size and scale to color and aesthetic appeal, before the system is purchased. 

    Case #2

    Relocating to a new facility left one of our clients in need of a more consolidated and better organized storage system in two different areas in their building. Their needs were specific: get the most storage out of the space allotted and do it within their budget. 

    Business Systems and Consultants solution was to install two mobile shelving systems equipped with 4Post Shelving in both the records area and evidence storage. 

    These new systems provided more than adequate storage, security, and organization that was previously missing from these storage areas. 

    Ultimately, our client was able to maximize their storage capacity in the areas allotted with plenty of excess capacity for years to come. 

    We believe in the success of companies all across the southeast. If you have a storage problem, we have a solution. We will relocate any storage product whether it be across the room or across the state. Call a local representative today to find the perfect solution for your company’s needs. (205) 988-3300 or