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    When it comes to law enforcement, preserving and securing evidence is crucial. Our evidence storage lockers provide a secure and efficient way to transfer materials from unsecured areas to dedicated storage rooms. With different compartment sizes and even refrigerated options for biological evidence, these lockers ensure the safe storage and preservation of valuable materials. Additionally, specialized latching systems monitor access, adding an extra layer of security.

    Secure Pass Thru Locker System: Our evidence storage lockers use a secure pass thru system, which allows for controlled transfer of materials. This system reduces the risk of tampering or unauthorized access, maintaining a smooth workflow and ensuring accountability throughout the process.

    Flexible Configurations and Compartments: Our lockers can be customized to accommodate evidence of various sizes. Whether it’s small items or larger materials, the compartments can be adjusted to optimize space and enable efficient storage and retrieval.

    Preservation of Biological Evidence and Scientific Materials: For sensitive materials like biological evidence or scientific research samples, we offer refrigerated evidence lockers. These specialized lockers provide controlled temperature environments, ensuring the preservation and viability of these materials over time.

    Advanced Latching Systems for Access Monitoring: To maintain a strict chain of custody, our lockers and doorways are equipped with advanced latching systems. These systems monitor and record access to the evidence, creating an audit trail that helps prevent unauthorized handling or tampering.

    In law enforcement and scientific research, evidence storage is vital. Our evidence storage lockers offer a simple yet effective solution, with secure pass-thru systems, customizable compartments, refrigerated options for sensitive materials, and advanced latching systems for access monitoring. By utilizing these lockers, you can ensure the safekeeping and integrity of your valuable evidence.

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