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    Clean rooms can be used for a variety of reasons, consequently needing a variety of storage options. At BSC we understand that, and most of the applications clean rooms are used in require specific regulations as well as other storage requirements. Therefore, through our partners, we offer only the latest and greatest technology and storage solutions, so you can stock your clean room with BSC today!

    Common Industries that use Clean Rooms include:

    Each of these industries will have to abide by different regulations. That is why BSC offers a variety of storage solutions that are the most compliant with many of these regulations.

    Common storage solutions for clean rooms include high density storage, storage carts, work stations, furniture, vertical storage & more.

    clean room storage

    Clean Room Storage Carts

    High Density Storage

    Our high density storage solutions include shelving, filing units, and lockers. These solutions are for filing and storing the contents of your clean room. We also offer desks and other furniture, which is helpful in keeping your clean room organized as well as simplifying the operations within the clean room.

    Also, we provide Hanel storage systems, such as the rotomat and lean lift. These storage systems can come equipped with the CleanStore and ClimateStore technology, which allow for temperature control to protect specific contents of the room.

    For more information on BSCs clean room storage solutions, visit our Clean Room product page.

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