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    BSC is a leader in sustainable storage solutions, and we work with all the industry’s best manufacturers to bring you the most current and useful technologies and systems. Not only are our storage solutions going to add safety, security, and efficiency to your company but they are also eco-friendly.

    Sustainable Storage – The Hanel Eco-Concept

    One of our storage solutions to aid in sustainability is the Hänel Eco-Concept. The Hänel Eco-Concept brings sustainability to automated storage and retrieval. This happens through three modes: Eco-Drive, Eco-Mode, and the Eco-Load. The Eco-Drive provides energy recovery during operation. The Eco-Mode provides intelligent energy management during operation. Lastly, the Eco-Load provides energy efficient loading & operation.


    The first feature that helps sustainability is the Eco-Drive. The main concept of this feature is energy recovery during operation. The Eco-Drive saves energy, thus lowering costs. Eco-Drive converts energy used during operation into electrical energy. The system converts the energy and it is sent back into the supply system, allowing the system to use it again in the operation process. Overall about 40% of energy that is previously used can be returned to the supply network.

    ECO – MODE

    The next feature that promotes sustainability is the Eco-Mode feature. The Eco-Mode possesses intelligent energy management. The Eco-mode essentially puts systems that are at a standstill in standby mode, as to not consume energy while inactive. This is because although a system might be at a standstill, it will still be consuming energy. The Eco-Mode will allow the user to set intervals at which the standstill system will shut down to preserve energy. The Eco-Mode has four levels. 

    These four levels include:

    • The background lighting of the TFT display is off.
    • Components of the electrical control system are off.
    • The access opening lighting dims.
    • The entire carousel is off at the main switch.


    The last feature is the Eco-Load. The Eco-Load offers an energy efficient loading & operation. The Eco-Load recommends loading distribution, for goods to be evenly distributed. This even distribution will in-turn save energy. This is because the storage system can save energy through the rotation process. If you distribute the goods evenly throughout the storage system the rotation of the system will require much less energy. You will need only minimal energy to start the storage carousel rotating, if you evenly distribute goods.

    Why should you choose BSC?

    BSC is a leader in high-density storage solutions, and we work with all the industry’s best manufacturers to bring you the most current and useful technologies and systems. Contact us today to discuss high-density shelving and storage options in more detail, or to request a quote if you’ve got a specific project in mind.